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Happy New Year!


Shame on me!  I have not written to you all since August!

While I do apologize and ask for your patience, I will explain that I was on-and-off sick, busy, just getting by physically from summer on, just having enough stamina to get the garden taken care of…and then December was here already and I got sick.

Hats off to my family that I’m even alive to write this today.  My sister had a hunch…and she and my son decided to check up on me, wake me up even though they didn’t want to disturb me.  

I couldn’t wake up.  I don’t know to this day what caused me to go to the hospital to be kept alive in a medically-induced coma for eight days.  I may never know.  But, there it is, with all of that drama falling to my poor family.  I got through that, got home, only to be spun around and sent right back to the hospital for clots going from leg to lung, for the rest of the month of December. 

To make a long story short….I am alive, thanks to my family and the amazing medical teams over at Griffin Hospital.  I feel a lot better, but will need a little physical therapy for my legs, which really want to stay asleep.  

So!  I’m alive.  I’m back in WordPress, saying Happy New Year to all of you…and I’ll return a lot sooner to talk about gardening and crochet, tomatoes and toys.

And a brand new Amaryllis that will be getting photographed very soon.

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I’ve missed you!



Meet B.H.Feets…and She’s a Grown-Up!


Dearlings, we have a new member of the rapidly-growing Feets family, B.H. Feets!  And, get this…she’s a grown-up!  She’s my first all-grown-up member of the Feets clan.

Right off the hook, she had an air of knowledge about her, one that shone clearly through her beautiful blue eyes.  She has a gentle wisdom and a level of confidence  that only comes through experience, even though she’s a brand new member of the family, and really hasn’t had any life experience.  B.H. is a mature soul.

“B.H. ‘” stands for “Birmingham.”   I joined a very cool crochet group that meets once a week, and we meet in an vintage building, one that was built when towns named their buildings.  I stitched the lovely B.H. up as a community pincushion, a gift for the group.  Our group meets in the Birmingham building, hence B.H.’s name.  While she loves her given name, she also wondered if it would seem a bit pretentious in a casual group setting.  Initializing her name made her seem more casual, and feel more comfortable.

Needlework groups are great fun.  You’re  in a comfortable setting, with like-minded people, talking stitches and crochet math, asking questions and trading patterns…and it’s a form of therapy, isn’t it?  It is for me, for sure.  When I get hyper

scribble spaz

or tired,


or just have a less-than-perky day, I relax with the hook and yarn, and come up with something productive.  The trials of the day melt away with each stitch formed.  Talking things over with other crocheters once a week just makes it all that much more fun, more relaxing, and more therapeutic.  As if this particular cake needed any icing (seriously, a cake without icing?),  being in a group setting with a bunch of yarn junkies allows me to be completely free with my own yarn addiction.

So, in addition to being a group pincushion, and a grown-up,  B.H. is a “certified” crochet group therapist!  Really, how cool is that?

And now, Dearlings, because they’re hopping up and down and begging for the opportunity to write their own post, I’m turning the post over to our intrepid siblings, Chauncey and Earl,  to introduce their new, “Little-Big” sister to the WordPress world.  I’ll just sit back, spell-check at ready, and watch the fun.  (I’ll be in italics.)

Looong post…the boys get distracted easily…Strap in, Kids!!!


Enter Earl, who will start tonight’s post festivities, as Chauncey is busy, happily running around in a perfect circle on the bed.

Earl:  “Hi, Everybody!  Wendy’s letting us post tonight!  Isn’t that  cool?”

Earl:  “Um…Hey, Chauncey…Um…We’re on…”

Chauncey:  “Is it time to talk to the Word Pressing peoples?”

Earl:  “Yuppers!  Dude, you running around and around like that is making me dizzy.”

Chauncey stopped so abruptly he fell over onto his face.

Chauncey:  “Whoa!  That was cool!  I wanna do it AGAIN!”

Earl:  “That was cool!  Let’s do that after we do our post!”

Chauncey: “YEEE-HAAAA!”

Earl:  “So, anyway, Wendy is letting us have our own post tonight, like BIG guys!”

Chauncey:  “I like bouncing up and down on the kee-bored to make words!”

Earl:  “Me, too!  And Wendy says she likes reading our stuff, and she gets to play lots and lots with something called, “Speel-check.”

Chauncey:  “What’s that?”

Earl:  “Dunno.  Maybe she’ll let us play with spell-check, too!””

Chauncey:  “I bet she will.  She only says, “no” to wrestling on the tee-vee, and M-and-M’s.”

Earl:  “Yeah, that’s ‘cuz she says they both make us crazy.”

“Chauncey:  “Ahm-pee Memmie lets us watch wrestling and gives us M-and-M’s!”

Earl:  “Yeah!  She says she gets to spoil us ‘cuz it’s her Ahm-pee job!”

Chauncey:  “Yeah!  And she says she likes to wind us up like tops right before she goes home!”

Earl:  “I saw tops on the tee-vee yesterday!  We can play tops when we finish with our posting!”

Chauncey:  “We have a new Little-Big sister!”

“Earl:  “Yeah!  She’s our little sister ‘cuz she’s younger than we are.”

Chauncey:  “And she’s our big sister because she’s bigger!  Not older, but really bigger.  And she’s a grown-up!  That makes her older than us even though she got stitched last.  I think I’m confused now…”

Earl:  “Yeah, she’s all grown up, even more grown up than Ruby!”

Chauncey:  “Yeah!  Ruby is a teen-ager, and B.H. is even older than a teen-ager.  She must be really-really old if she’s older than a teen-ager!”

Earl:  “Do you think we’ll ever be grown-ups?”

Chauncey:  “Nope!  Wendy says we’ll be her cool little kids forever and ever and ever!”

Earl:   “Hahaha!!!  Remember when we saw that moo-vee on tee-vee ?”

Chauncey: “Yeah-Yeah!! And then we waited for Wendy to come home and said, “Come play with us, Wendy!  Forever and ever and ever!”

Earl:  “Wooooo!  She got all red and looked at us funny and left the room really fast!”

Chauncey:  “Yup!  And that’s when we learned about Pare-ant-tail Corn-trols” on the tee-vee.  But we still get to watch cartoons!  Did you see in Kid vs. Kat when Kat….”

“Guys.  B.H.?”

Chauncey and Earl:  “B.H!”

Chauncey:  “B.H. is our new Little-Big sister!”

Earl:  “And she’s a peen-koo-sheen, like us!”

Chauncey:  “Yeah!  And she’s some kind of crow-shay thair-ah-peest, too!”

Earl:  “What’s a thair-ah-peest?”

Chauncey:  “Dunno.  Wendy, what’s a thair-ah-peest?”

Me:  “A therapist is a person, or in this case, a Feets, who helps with specific things.  They work with a specific problem, and help it get better.”

Earl:  Oh!  Like when you got a big boo-boo in your hiney and you went to the fizz-ah-kal thair-ah-peest?”

Me:  Exactly!  Actually, it’s my legs, hips, and sacra-illiac joints.   The physical therapist helped make my boo-boos a bit better by giving me exercises and advice, and B.H. will help people make their crochet projects better by providing tools to work with, like stitch markers and other stuff.”

Earl:  “What’s a steech-mar-ker?”

Me:  “You know all those safety pins in B.H’s hair?  They can all be used as stitch markers.  And the little scraps of yarn in her pocketbook can be used for that, too.”

Earl:  “Safe-tee peens?  Oh!  Closey-peens!  WE have closey-peens!  And we have sow-ing needles, too!”

Chauncey:  “We’re peen-koo-sheens, just like B.H.!  And, and, and…WE even have crow-shay-hooks in our hairs!”

Earl:  “Can we have scrapping yarns, too?”

Me:  “Absolutely!”

Chauncey:  “I want TWO scrapping yarns!”

Me:  “I’ll give you both two scraps of yarn, right now, and perhaps our readers will forgive the diversion.”

“Earl:  “They will.  Our readers are the best!”

Me:  “Look, I even got you new needles for your hair, and these cool bamboo stitch markers!”

Chauncey:  “Neato!  Do we still get scrapping yarns?”

Me:  “Of course.  Here you go, two scraps each.  I’m going to use your safety pins to hold them so they don’t get lost.”

Chauncey:  “That’s ‘cuz we don’ have a pockie-book, like B.H.”

Earl:  “Steech-mar-kers in steech-mar-kers!'”

Chauncey:  “This feels niiiice!”

Earl:  ” I like these bamboo sticks!  Ooooo, these are your special hand-spinned woolly scrapping yarns!”

Me:  “Only the best for you, my boys.”

Chauncey:  “Lookie!  We’re crow-shay-inng wif our feets!”


Chauncey and Earl:  ” We could be crow-shay their-ah-peests!!!”

Me:  “Yes.  Yes, you could.”

Readers, we have to take a short break now, as both of my little boys are spinning and running around in circles….


Me:  Well, boys, now that you’re all tuckered out from running and spinning, would you like to show everyone your pictures of B.H?”

Earl:  “Yeah.  We’re tuck-kerd out.”

Chauncey:  “Yup.  Plum tuck-kerd!”

Earl:  “Does anyone say that any more?”

Chauncey:  “I just did!  Hey!  I found the pee-chers of B.H.!”

Earl!  “Cool!  Which one first!”

Chauncey:  “I like this one!  She just came off Wendy’s hook, and we gave her a big sow-ing peen and closey-peens for her hairs!”

2013-02-07 02.31.23

“Earl:  “I love her eyes, they’re so pretty!  And here’s where Wendy put her green peace sign!”

2013-02-07 02.35.35

Chauncey:  “What’s that all about, anyway?”

Earl:  “Wendy says that a long, long time ago, she went for a ride with Unkka Eddie and Ahm-pee Leez, and Ahm-pee Leez threw a piece of paper out of the car,  and Wendy made Ahm-Pee Leez go out of the car an’ get it, ‘cuz that was lee-tuh-reeng, and lee-tuh-reeng is bad.”

Chauncey:  “Uh-Ohhhhh….”

Earl:  “An’ Unkka Eddie said Ahm-Pee Leez shouldn’t do that in front of Mizz Green Peace.”

Chauncey:  “Who’s Mizz Green Peace?”

Earl:  “Wendy!  So now she puts green peace signs on everything.”

Chauncey!  Oh.  Cool!  Sometimes the peoples can get confusing….”

Earl:  “Yeah.  But I like the green peace signs!”

Cauncey and Earl:  “Wendy!  Can WE have green peace signs?”

Me:  “I’ll work on that, sure!  We can hang them off your pins.”

Chauncey and Earl:  “Yaaaaaay!”

Earl:  “Which peecher is next?”

Chauncey:  “Ummmm…Oh!  Here’s one with her pockey-book!”

2013-02-07 02.33.23

Earl:  “Good one!  And here’s one that shows the cool tools she carries in her pockey book!”

2013-02-07 02.34.05

Chauncey:  “And this one shows her cro-shay thair-ah-peest card!”

2013-02-07 02.36.13

Earl:  “And here’s what being a crow-shay-thair-ah-peest is all about!”

2013-02-07 02.36.46

Chauncey:  “And this shows she has all her cool stuff.”

2013-02-07 02.37.14

Earl:  “Not ALL her cool stuff!  In this one she has US!”

2013-02-07 09.52.03

Chauncey and Earl:  “We love our Little-Big sister!”

B.H.:  “I love you, too, boys.”

Chauncey:  “Can we fall on our faces some more?”

“Actually, Gentlemen, there’s one more picture to take tonight.  Why not hop into your photo nest and let me fix you up?”

Chauncey and Earl:  “K.  Wait!  Is that????  WE GOT GREEN PEACE SIIIIIIGNS!!!!!”


Stay tuned!

Felted “Shadow” Scarf Completed!


I hope this finds everyone enjoying their day!  I know I am…I’m working on making toys, making scarves, making…well, whatever Miss Muse brings up! And, I’m delighted to share with you, my felted “Shadow” scarf is finished, washed, and ready to join the world! Shadow scarf Before Felting See those gorgeous gray undertones?  I’m calling this one my “Shadow” scarf because that’s the name of the sheep that the roving came from.  This scarf is about as natural as it gets, in that I got the prepared, ready-to-spin roving from Lynn, who got it right from Shadow.  I spun the yarn for this scarf on my favorite hand-made drop spindle, and crocheted it with a very basic extended single crochet stitch throughout.  The most decoration this piece has is in the finished ends, which I did in a reverse extended single crochet.  That’s crab stitch…with an extra loop.

I decided, when the piece was finished, to lightly felt it.  I didn’t want to lose all of my stitch definition, but I wanted a softer, less scratchy piece. So, borrowing from instructions for felting Artfelt (and I’ll go down that very cool road, soon…) I washed and rinsed the scarf, and, still very wet, layered with:  Plastic sheeting, then scarf, then at the leading edge, a rolled up dish towel, and rolled it all up.

Unbelievably bad rendering of Artfelt rolling technique

Unbelievably bad rendering of Artfelt rolling technique

This, I put into a nylon knee high, then tossed the whole thing into the dryer and listed to it go, “Bang!  Thumpthumpthump, Bang!” for about a half an hour.  (Please note that Artfelt instructions call for fifteen minutes in the dryer at low heat, but since I had a heavy piece, and am running a very apartment-sized dryer, I ran it through for half an hour.)

Now, I’m going to stop right here and share with you the very first thing I learned about this felting technique.

Never use a printed shopping bag.  Ever.

The video instructor on the Artfelt site claimed that “any plastic will do,” and, as far as possible melting would go, I’m quite sure she was correct in this assumption…the plastic, no matter what you use, will not melt in the dryer at low heat for fifteen to thirty minutes. I initially used a few Shop Rite bags, cut open, handles cut off.  What a great way to recycle these sunny yellow bags with their bright red market logos!  I did my thing, rolled it all up into the shopping bags, stuffed it into the stocking, and ran it through the dryer.  

When I took the piece out to inspect my handiwork, I thought, “Hey, this doesn’t look bad!  Maybe one more run….” and unrolled it all the way to find… A bright red INK SCHMOTZ all over my hand-spun, hand-made crocheted wool scarf.

Huh!!!  Okay, so now I’m standing over the piece, my hair tightly grasped in my hands to keep my brain from expelling its neurons out through the top of my skull, when my eye fell upon my hero,


fels naptha

Eureka!  Sanctuary!!  Up went the prayer, down went that bar of soap into the big red schmotz, out came the water bottle to make sure I had plenty of slick lather rubbed in, and sure enough, the splat rubbed out, disappearing into the ozone.

I do not know what is in Fels Naptha.  I do not care what is in Fels Naptha.  I only know that I have yet to find a stain that this stuff can’t tackle.  I’ve tried a lot of stain removers in my time, and always come back to this, this 99-cent grocery-store miracle.  It just works.  That’s probably why it’s been on the market, mostly unchanged, for over 100 years.

So, my hero removed the big red schmotz, I rinsed out the scarf, washed it again in Jodi’s magic laundry soap, and did the Artfelt thing again, this time with some light weight clear plastic sheeting I had kicking around.  I took my “package,”

scarf ready to dryer felt

and tossed it into the dryer to ka-thump-thump-thump about for another half hour…you see, it isn’t just the heat that felts the wool..it’s the agitation! With this second time around, the scarf felted exactly the way I’d hoped.  I have a stronger, softer fabric with better drape.

Shadow Scarf Felted 02

My edges are smooth, and the stitch definition, while smoothed out a little is  still prominent, with very little loss of texture.

Shadow Scarf Felted Detail 02

All of Shadow’s natural tones are intact, even showing up better now, and I didn’t even lose any of the tiny hay bits!

Shadow Scarf felted detail 01

I’m delighted with this scarf, relieved that I didn’t destroy it, and planning on further exploring the wonderful world of Artfelt.

Stay tuned….

So Close!


I’m just popping in with a quick Amaryllis update today, and some thoughts.

In just the few days since I posted the last picture, this little trooper has broken free, and is starting to form blooms.  I can see the red!

The plant is healthy, and showing it.  It’s right where it needs to be, in my bright, cream-colored kitchen, right in front of two big windows and sitting on my buffet, which is parked right in front of the baseboard heating for that room.  I keep it watered, “just enough,” and even give it exercise.  When it starts to lean toward the window, I turn it around.  It has never ceased to amaze me, the way a plant will always turn toward the sun and reach for the light.  It’s so somple.  Water, light, warmth.  You meet the needs of the plant, and the plant rewards your soul ten-fold.

Plants are just so….positive!

amaryllis 12.14.2012

It was a hard day here in Connecticut yesterday.  Heck, it was a hard day everywhere yesterday, as news of yet another senseless school shooting spread through the country like yet another tsunami of shock and despair.  

As of right now, I believe (not entirely sure, to be truthful, as the dust is still settling) that twenty small children, whose biggest concerns  yesterday morning were cereal and toys, what they would bring to school to share, where Mommy and Daddy hid the Christmas presents or lighting the Menorah, are now gone.  They’re gone!  Dreams of sugar plums have been forever dashed.

Six educators, whose thoughts for the day were of planning what to wear, lesson plans, Holiday plans, family plans, and deciding how to make this day the best it could be for their students—their extended family of children—are gone.  It was reported last night some time, that the shooter’s mother was his first victim.  The shooter himself, who was someone’s child once, with his own dreams of sugar plums and show and tell, is also gone.

Twenty seven lives have been cut off, most of them innocent, small children who never stood a chance.  A community is shattered.  Countless lives have been irrevocably changed.  An entire  global human community stares numbly at the news and asks, “Why?”

This time, it happened just a half hour from my home.  That doesn’t matter, though.  This type of incident spreads horror and sadness, grief and anger, through the entire country, through the whole global human community.  I was just as sad, angry and grief-stricken when this happened at Columbine.  Colorado may as well have been just a half hour away.

I won’t politicize this.  For today, I will not go into any of that knee-jerk shock reaction of pointing fingers, or screaming for gun control, or blaming video games.  I have no personal political agenda today.  That is for another time.

Some would say that is for the think tanks, the professionals.  I disagree.

I will allow, though, that changes must be made.  Some how, some way, somewhere, changes must be made.  Making the changes necessary to bring these horrific events to extinction not just for think tanks and professionals.  That responsibility is for all of us.  

For today, I invite you to gaze upon this simple plant and absorb some of its positive energy.  For today, look at these emerging blooms and take heart in this simple sign of life.  Pray for the dead.  Pray for the survivors. 

And, let’s all entertain thoughts of moving forward, into a mind set that would make even thinking about picking up a weapon and blowing away a class room filled with children, be they kindergärtners or High School seniors or college students,  so abhorrent that no one is willing to do that again.

At the end of today, Humans…all we really have in this life is each other…and that’s a LOT.



Big “WHOA” Moment In Xaos


I was just poking around with my new toy, Xaos, and was presented with a major, “WHOA!” moment.  The brand new fractal is now up at Schmoozelfracs, nice and big and printable.  If you want to grab and print this, just click the pic, then click again on the full-size resolution numbers (1148 x 794) right over it.



Gallery: The Sillimonsters Family Album


I got the last of my fractal galleries transferred from Multiply to Schmoozelfracs!  Right in the nick of time, too…

This set was so much fun, so rewarding.  It was a delight to watch this these Apophysis flames go from Math to Family, and a whole lot of fun developing the stories around the characters.  Come on in and meet the Sillimonsters!  Bring the kids!!!

Gallery: The Sillimonsters Family Album.


The Ultimate Drop Spindle


I’m finally getting to posting this, my newest drop spindle from my favorite Etsy shop,  Spindle Me Right Round.

Remember the first double spindle I asked for?  I asked for, and very quickly received, Bill’s “primitive style” drop spindle, but with both ends notched, so that I could, finally, decide which end I prefer working from.  For those of you that may have missed that post, here it is, with pictures of that first great double-ended spindle:


I love that spindle, and I still use it.  It was a challenge, at first, to keep the roving on the hook, as the hooked ends were so smooth, so polished, the roving would often slip off.  I wrote to Deb and Bill, proprietors of Spindle Me Right Round, and ran an idea past them, asking for advice…would Bill hate me forever if I cut tiny “nitches” into the hooked ends, in line with the spindle, to help catch and keep the roving?  I sent pictures with all sorts of cool arrows and fonts to convey my thoughts, and they wrote back immediately to tell me that, No, of course Bill would not hate me forever, even sending advice along on what tool would be best to cut the little “nitches” into the hooked ends without stressing the shaft of the spindle.  I did that, using a fine coping saw blade.  I even raided my hardware drawer for a tiny brass hook, much like the ones that Bill uses.   The difference was immediate, the result hugely successful.

And I didn’t  kill the spindle!  

All excited, I took more pictures, detailing the cuts that I had made.  I took some “action” shots of the spindle doing its thing, from top and bottom.  The added brass hook did detract, just a little, from the primitive style of the spindle, but was so functional, I left it there.  Then, I wrote back to my new, VERY patient friends out there in Pennsylvania, and asked for another spindle, knowing that Bill would do a much finer job of it than I did.  I made my spindle functional, and didn’t kill it.  I knew that Bill would take the modifications we discussed, and make it beautiful.

Well, he did just that.  The new piece is the same weight, 2.4 ounces.  It’s a little longer, now fourteen inches.  It has the same perfect balance and ultra-smooth finish as all of the other beauties that I got from them, and it even has my cool little brass helper hook.  The brass helper hook does a great job of helping out, but the unit works just as well if I don’t use it.  If I were a purist, I would have been able to leave it off, and have a completely wooden piece.  So…purists rejoice!  You could go right to Spindle Me Right Round at Etsy and order an all-wood, beautifully handcrafted, double-ended drop spindle to spin your roving with!

Let’s get to the good stuff…the pictures!

Here’s my newest beauty.  Deb sends them out pre-loaded with leader wool, and roving to get you started with.

Look at these hooked ends.  Oh, the finish!  It’s smoooooth.  Here’s a nice detail of the top whorl end.


See how nice and deep and smooth that hook is?  The notch on the whorl itself is smooth, and deep enough to hold that roving in place.  NICE!

At the other end, you’ll see an identical hook, just as deep and smooth.  I think that Bill not only knows his wood, but loves it.  The care that he takes in making these pieces is impressive.


Sweet, isn’t it?  It handles like a deep-cut crochet hook!  At fourteen inches long, with that point to the bottom hook…I could not resist.  I worked a small swatch of Tunisian crochet with this spindle, using the whorl as a knob.  It was a little heavy, but it worked well.  Triple duty!!!!

Since I simply could not wait another minute, I loaded it up with some of the included roving, and started spinning.  I was able to drop the pre-loaded leader yarn, and start spinning right from the top, using the brass hook.  


Still spinning from the top, I spun a length of yarn, then brought it down to wind onto the spindle.  The hooks, and the notch in the whorl, held the roving and the spun yarn fast.  Beautiful.  The spin was absolutely smooth and balanced.


I kept spinning and winding, until the spindle was wound evenly to the bottom.  Where I would normally have to wind some yarn back up the spindle to hook back up, I was able to just hook right onto that bottom hook and keep right on spinning!


The spin was every bit as smooth and balanced from the bottom as it was from the top.


I spun and wound my way back up to the top, and wanted to see how it behaved without the use of the brass hook.  I hooked the roving into the top wooden hook and let fly.  Perfect!!!  The brass hook did not get in the way at all, and there was no loss of balance.


When I was done spinning for a time, storing the roving until later was a snap, and super-secure.  


With all those hooks, nothing slipped off to unravel.  

Deb and Bill even sent me a treat!  Bill had made some large crochet hooks for his daughter, and they had an extra.  They sent this to me, as a gift.   I haven’t measure it yet, but I’m putting it at about a size “S.”  That’s a BIG hook, perfect for rugs, blankets, and coats.  

It’s everything I’ve come to expect from Bill’s work.  Smooth, deep hook, fabulous finish, great balance.  I played with it some, using five strands of worsted weight yarn, and it flies.  


What a generous gift!

I can not thank these people enough for their patience and generosity.  I’ve bought several spindles from them so far, and I’m probably not finished.  

Seriously…if you like to spin wool by hand, you want one of these spindles.  Bill and Deb not only have a spot in my blog roll, they have a big click-through button on the right side of my page that will bring you straight into their Etsy shop, where you can hit the “request custom” link and ask for your own beautiful double-ended spindle, “like the one they made for Madamepoofter.”   Their prices are l-o-wwwwww.  Their shipping is free!

You won’t regret it!

Stay tuned!  I’ll be spinning up loads more wool with my spindles, and I’ll come back to show off a bit.

Oh, yeah!  Which end do I prefer to work from?    With this spindle, there’s never a need to choose!





New Crochet Project In Progress




This is a sort of new crochet project, in that the piece is finished, but I’m dragging my heels on the felting.  Well, if some of you remember my washing machine, you’ll know why I’m dragging my feet…

I have been after a yarn bowl forever.  That’s a cool bowl, very often fashioned from ceramic, clay, wood, etc, with a cool groove and/or a hole to pass the yarn you’re working with through, and the bowl keeps the yarn from scattering all over the floor when you give it a yank.  Sure, there are plenty of yarn keepers out there, but…I really, really hate plastic, wanted an artsy-fartsy piece.  

Have you priced yarn bowls?  Yeesh!  Needless to say, it isn’t happening for a while…a long while.

Recently, I came across a pattern in my Knitpicks newsletter, for a yarn bowl.  Spotted it…wanted it!  Five bucks?  Mine!  I already had some inexpensive purchased wool for felting in my stash, all I needed was the pattern.  I was so excited when Knitpicks immediately e-mailed my pattern PDF!  I opened it right up, yarn and hook in hand, and… It’s knitted.

Huh!  I closed that PDF as quickly as I opened it.  I can plain knit a scarf, but that’s about it.  I can circular knit a piece…on my King size Addi knitting mill.  But follow shaping, even rudimentary shaping?  Heck, I can’t even decipher half of the abbreviations.

Couple of days later, I went back to the pattern.  I really want that damn yarn bowl.  So now, I’m reading, and thinking…this piece is almost completely done in straight knit, or straight purl.  I works off of a square base, done in rows, then on up into rounds.  I can do this!  I can CROCHET this!

And, I did.  It took a little trial and error at first, some trips back and forth to Google for the knit jargon, but I did it, and once I got started, it was easy to convert the pattern to crochet.  I did mine with two strands held together of worsted wool and a size K hook, all in single crochet.  If you’re interested in knitting and felting yourself a nifty yarn bowl, or converting this easy pattern to crochet, I found it here:  http://www.knitpicks.com/cfpatterns/pattern_display.cfm?ID=11836220

It’s a bowl.  It’s yarn!  

It’s a bowl made of yarn, for yarn.  It’s a yarn bowl.

It’s a yarn yarn bowl.

And that’s enough.  Here it is, before felting.


After it’s felted I need to add buttons on either side of the opening, which I’ll get to after I get more French knots into Santa’s head, and more stitches into my niece’s bag.  I’ll keep you posted…