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Bloom, Baby! Bloom!


Miss Amaryllis has TWO beautiful new blooms, and two more on the way! 

I am ecstatic with the way this plant is growing, so strong and vibrant.  This bloom stem  is much taller, much stronger, and even more vivid than the first…as if that was possible!

  And, the foliage!  Mike told me that the foliage was a thing to behold, and now I know.  The leaves are fanning out, looking for all the world like the happy tropical plant that they’re growing from.  I believed him when he told me that the plant is worth growing just for the foliage, but now I know first hand.   This plant’s greenery, so thick and sturdy, is elegance,  personified.

This shot speaks, clearly, of the simple beauty of the foliage, and the overall height and vibrant health of the plant…

I'm bloomin'...I'm bloomin'...

I’m bloomin’…I’m bloomin’…

Here’s where I get to do one of my favorite things with a camera…jam the lens into the canter of a flower and photograph all of the really cool parts of a bloom!

Look at me!  don't I have the prettiest face!

Look at me! Don’t I have the prettiest face!

And finally, this one zooms in on the later bloom, still opening, and gives a clear shot of the two … yes, that is two! … buds getting ready to emerge.  I hope they bloom soon so you all can see this plant with four wide open blooms on it!

I'm not done yet!  I still have TWO babies!

I’m not done yet! I still have TWO babies!

From knowing that my sister loves me enough to enable my plant-growing addiction by making a trip to the grocery store for this bulb, to planting, watering, and watching it grow tall and healthy, and even better, to watch it all happen twice…This plant has been nothing but pure pleasure for me, right from the day Mary brought it over.  

Such simple blessings…a bulb, a little plastic pot, a cocoa pith disc…and most importantly, a sister’s love … What more could I possibly ask for in life?  

Stay tuned!  At the rate this plant is going, we should have two happy bloom pictures very soon!