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Soaps To Die For!


My friends, I just bought hand made, all natural soaps from an Etsy seller, and these soaps are so fantastic, I have to share.

I bought seven bars, in five scents, and a pound of natural laundry soap.  The laundry soap smells so clean and fresh, I can’t wait to start the wash!

As for the soaps…Wow.  I have here, “Soapy Clean,” which smells clean and crisp, and perfect for women, and even the most “manly” man.  Jodi also sent a sample of Cracklin’ Birch which is clean, fresh, and woodsy.  

I also have “Butter Cream and Coconut” soap.  I took the bar out of the bag and just closed my eyes to smell…just breathe.  AWESOME.  And get this, Jodi sells a natural, unscented Cocoa Butter soap that’s even better!

And that brings me to Jodi’s “Cherry Almond” soap.  Can I eat this????   No, of course not, but Darn!  What a lively, invigorating, amazing scent!


Jodi’s soaps are all natural, hand made, loaded with stuff like cocoa butter, goat’s milk, plenty of essential oils, and scents to just dive into and engulf yourself in.

Her shop is in my side bar, just click through!  (Or just click on the soap.)

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