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New Yarn, New Fractal Toy…Life Is Good.


Does anyone remember The Great Kool-Aid Debacle from this past August?  I dribbled liquid Kool-Aid colors onto wool roving in an attempt at getting a tie-dye effect…It was bad.  Really bad.

Got that fixed, dyed the roving again with dry Kool-Aid mix sprinkled onto damp, vinegar-enhanced roving, and nuked it in plastic wrap.  And it was good.  I’m currently using that spun yarn in the felted bag, and it’s great.  Mostly, it’s shades of earthy red…tweedy and very cool.

At the same time I was cleaning up after that adventure, I dyed a second length of roving, this time bypassing the wet altogether (once stung…) and going right for the sprinkled dry Kool-Aid mix in lots of colors.  For those of you who didn’t see that post, or want a refresher, it’s here.

That was back in August, and that dyed roving has been sitting here, waiting for spinning, ever since.  I finally got to it, and the result was very satisfying!  If you click on this image once or twice, you’ll get a nice, big image with much better detail.


The reds are deep and earthy, the blues are sweet.  The tweedy-stripey-candy-caney effect that happened naturally during the spinning process is way cool!  I’m looking forward to working this into Kris’s bag tonight, after I get the hank rolled into a pull skein. Do I have a yarn swift or ball winder?  Nope.  For winding the hank from the drop spindle I used the back of my computer chair.  To wind the hank into a center-pull ball, I have a neck to hold the hank, and a thumb to roll the ball around.  I’m Old School!  Okay, okay…I’m cheap.

And, speaking of being cheap….BuddhaKat, who has a very cool WordPress site, very generously mentioned my sister site, Schmoozelfracs, in his latest post! That led me to poking around, which led me to another great blog with plenty of fractals to goggle over.

While I was poking around there, I landed on a link that reviewed free fractal tools.

New fractal toys? I am there!!!

I went, for now, with GNU Xaos and installed it. I played with it for a little while, and…let’s just say that there will be new fractals up in Schmoozelfracs really, really soon. I LOVE this new toy!

I promised myself I would finish up the dishes, and mop the floor. I will keep my promise to myself. After that, the evening is mine! I’ll pick up my hooks and sassy new yarn, open up that new fractal toy, turn on something silly…Phineas and Ferb come to mind!

Tonight, I get to play.

Life is good!