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Happy New Year!


Shame on me!  I have not written to you all since August!

While I do apologize and ask for your patience, I will explain that I was on-and-off sick, busy, just getting by physically from summer on, just having enough stamina to get the garden taken care of…and then December was here already and I got sick.

Hats off to my family that I’m even alive to write this today.  My sister had a hunch…and she and my son decided to check up on me, wake me up even though they didn’t want to disturb me.  

I couldn’t wake up.  I don’t know to this day what caused me to go to the hospital to be kept alive in a medically-induced coma for eight days.  I may never know.  But, there it is, with all of that drama falling to my poor family.  I got through that, got home, only to be spun around and sent right back to the hospital for clots going from leg to lung, for the rest of the month of December. 

To make a long story short….I am alive, thanks to my family and the amazing medical teams over at Griffin Hospital.  I feel a lot better, but will need a little physical therapy for my legs, which really want to stay asleep.  

So!  I’m alive.  I’m back in WordPress, saying Happy New Year to all of you…and I’ll return a lot sooner to talk about gardening and crochet, tomatoes and toys.

And a brand new Amaryllis that will be getting photographed very soon.

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I’ve missed you!



Blog of the Week 7.23.2013


Good evening, Gentle Readers!

As promised, I’m back to highlight a blog that, in some way or another, strikes my fancy and shows us an exceptional personality.

This week, allow me to introduce those of you who don’t already know her, to a richly talented and deeply loving woman named, “Mtetar.”

Steeped in an emotional and religious Faith that I can only hope to achieve a fraction of in my life time, Mtetar’s blog entertains us with project tutorials, mostly for children, and stories of family and Faith.  She and her lovely side kick, her grand daughter, paint, sew, read, write and count (among other things!) their way through life together, in such a way that teaches and delights this jaded soul, and leaves me feeling that we, as a species, just might make it after all.

Do stop in and say, “Hello,” to these two talented, loving ladies, and enjoy the blog and its stories and crafts tutorials. If you’re anything like me, you’ll leave with a fresh, upbeat outlook, and instilled with a level of peace and inspiration that will make your day.

Be Blessed, Mtetar, for you are truly a Blessing!

New Feature! BLOG of the Week!


Fellow yarn and garden freaks, it’s time to introduce this week’s blog of the week.  

This is a new idea, which coincides well with the, “Etsy Shop of the Week” idea.  I believe I posted that one on Tuesday..so let’s look for that on Mondays or Tuesdays, and look for cool blogs on Fridays or Saturdays.

Let’s kick off the festivities with Daniella Joe’s incredible blog.  This is one talented lady!   A true fiber artist, she is self-proclaimed as being, “not good with patterns.”  So, rather than be daunted by confusing text and convoluted graphs, she sees a need for something…and makes it up as she goes along. That stuns me to silence. What an amazing talent!

Her blog is a delight; Colorful, friendly, and endlessly informative. She gets her readers involved, always suggesting new ideas to tickle our own Muses.
Go on in and check out her pineapple doily, a work in progress. It will boggle your mind, that she made this piece up as she stitched. And, check out her magic Technicolor couch! You’ll be glad you did,

New Feature! “Etsy Shop of the Week!”


Hi there!

I think it’s time to introduce a new feature to my little space on the web.  Let’s go shopping!

Here, I’ll post a shop in Etsy that I like, that looks like it has something for those of you out there that frequent my pages.  It might be a needlework shop, or crafts, or gardening…it’s all in the air at the moment!

For today, let’s look to my blog roll and start with my friends.  For today, let’s start with G-Ma Ellen!

Ellen’s a wonderful gal, who has a few great crochet patterns up in her shop..it looks like she sold everything else out for now!  Drop her a line and tell her it’s time to restock!

My favorite pattern from her is her Open Shell Cowl pattern. This lovely pattern is so easy and fast, and so customizable, I’ve flown through making something like six of them. I LOVE this cowl!  Isn’t this a beauty?


I love the details.  Feminine without being too frou-frou, this can be a casual neck warmer, or made to dress up in.  It’s all in the yarn with this beautiful piece.


Ellen also has a pattern for a delightful Wine Bottle Cozy/Caddy in a stunning yet casual shell lace, perfect for bringing a bottle of bubbly to a picnic, or for gifting a special friend with their favorite Merlot.


I’ll bet this would even dress up a little girl’s cream soda bottle when she has her friends over for a party!


So…for now, stop in and visit Ellen. She’s cool!

Thanks for looking! And, stay tuned…next week, along with the shop of the week, I think I’d like to start shining a sweet, bright light on some of the really awesome blogs I read all the time.

Heads up, Friends…you’re next!

Maximum Kitty Spoilage


Let me tell you a little about Brenda…the cat.

She is all cat.  She will catch anything that moves, and dispose of it … without playing with it.  

She knows where the evaporated milk is, and will lead me to it, stopping repeatedly to make sure I’m following.  If I stop, she will come and get me.  She will cry for her evaporated milk, and if I don’t answer forthwith, she will holler.  She will climb the refrigerator shelves to try to get it herself.

She can open doors.

She wants what she wants, and is completely selfish about it, screaming until she gets it.

She is possibly the rudest animal I’ve ever encountered.  You may not have a conversation without the cat loudly inserting herself into it for attention.

And yet, she is one of the most affectionate animals I’ve ever come across.  

She is one of the most frustrating animals I’ve ever met.

And yet, she is one of the most sensitive and loyal animals I’ve ever met.  My son was violently sick a few days ago.  The cat, laying down on her belly in the door way, cried.  After that, she would not leave his side.

And when she’s like this, I have to spoil her even more than I already have…


Isn’t she precious?

Ahhh, my darling Brenda.  She is part nemesis, part loving child, and all cat.  She’s thoroughly spoiled, and that’s my fault.  I spoil her because, at the end of the day, she’s worthy of being spoiled.   If you don’t believe me … just ask the cat.

Hmmmm…I think, tonight, I’ll poach up some fresh boneless chicken for her.


Meet Ruby and Blueberry Feets!


The Feets are flying off the hooks!  Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to two new members of the Feets family, Ruby and her little brother, Blueberry.

Little Blueberry Feets is a “Good Luck” Feets!  Yes, they are all “Good Luck” feets, but Blueberry’s whole way of life is to bring good luck to a garden.  This time, it will be “Unkka Mike’s” garden, a very special garden, indeed!

Blueberry is mostly green,


Save the blueberries growing between the leaves in his hair.  



He’s very sweet, and a little on the quiet side, like Earl, and he has a way about him, a patient wisdom that shines in his black button eyes, which comes from being close to plants, and to the Earth.  

Now, Ruby, on the other hand, takes a little more after her big brother, Chauncey, in her verve and vigor.  She isn’t as hyper, but just as energetic, just as happy, and just as sweet.

Ruby is, as all Feets family members truly are, a “Companion Feets.”  Ruby, like the young woman she went to live with, is a “Tee-Nay-Jar!”

She’s unique, from her big blue eyes to her long red hair with blond highlights, tied in a swinging pony tail at the top of her head.  Ruby is mostly shades of pink and red, save the black scrunchie she ties her hair up with.  She even has red-painted toes in her vivid purple feet!


Ruby asked for two “closey peens,”  which balance out prettily, like ear rings..sort of…Feets are all about feet and don’t have ears.  And, she has an added safety pin in her pony tail, homage to Chauncey’s tribal needle-through-the-head thing.  She thought that the “Chauncey Needle” was “Uber,”  but asked that I refrain from driving a needle through her skull.

I know that Ruby looks like, and perhaps even seems like, a  bit of a Diva, but she really isn’t. She’s kind and generous, polite and energetic, and made sure that little Blueberry’s aesthetic needs, his safety-pin decoration, were met first.  She cuddled her little green brother,


to make sure he was feeling safe and loved.  Then, she cuddled with her big brothers, too,


to assure them that all is well, that she and Blueberry were going to live with great people, who would love and care for them,  “the same way that Wendy cares for you!”

Ruby is very, very cool.


Next up, you’ll meet yet another new member of the Feets family…and this one is a Grown-Up!

Stay tuned….




Introducing Amanda Grace Feets!


I hope that this new post finds everyone enjoying the new year so far!

I’m still stitching like crazy, as usual.  My hands are almost never idle.  (They’re idle when I’m sleeping!)  I’m not in flat-out-get-it-DONE! mode, but comfortably stitching away at a wool scarf, very simple, in extended single crochet, that I’m trying to decide…to felt or not to felt?  I’m thinking, I’ll make the scarf and consult my Muse.

In the mean time, I am delighted to introduce you to my newest member of the Feets family, Amanda Grace Feets!

She’s tiny.  She fits easily into the palm of my hand.  She is not, however, delicate.  She came off the hook, openly and lovingly welcomed by her two brothers, Chauncey and Earl, and immediately started asking for a pin to wear, like her big brothers.

Here’s how it went….

“Welcome to the world, little sweetheart!”  I exclaimed.

“Hi!”  answered the new little toy.  “Where am I?”

“You’re in my house,”  I answered.  “You just now came off the hook.  May I call you, Amanda Grace?”

She thought that over a few seconds, and answered, “Sure!  I like that name!  Um…WHAT am I?”

“You’re a toy,” I replied.  “You’re a very special kind of toy, from a big family called, The Feets Family.”

“Family….” she mused.  “Does that mean there are more like me?”

“You bet!  You have two brothers living here, with me, and other brothers and sisters living with their people.”

“Or DOGS!” came the exclamation from the other side of the room.  “Some of our brothers and sisters live with DOGGIES!”

“And that,” I offered, would be your oldest brother, Chauncey.  He’s hopping up and down on his feets waiting to meet you.  Would you like to meet your brothers?”

“You bet!” she shouted, and started hopping up and down on her feets, too!

Chauncey and Earl were overjoyed with their new baby sister.  They instantly loaned her some of their pins to wear!  Then, they asked me if she would be living with us.

“Well, Guys,” I started, “She can!  If you all really want that to happen, it can happen.  Amanda Grace, however, is slated to go and live with a very nice lady named, Audrey.”

“Okay,” Earl offered.  “But can we talk about that first?  Maybe take a vote?”

Earl is very Democratic.

“Of course!” I answered.  This is a total Democracy, you can vote on anything you like!”

“Wendy is a Lee-Bray-Yell Deem-O-Kraf, like me,”  Earl proudly explained.

I didn’t even try to correct his syntax.  He gets the gist.  And he’s a Liberal.  So, it’s okay.

“And we’re peen-koo-sheens!”  Chauncey chimed in, in his big-boy voice.

“And Amy-Goo-Roomiez, too!”  Earl added.

Now, I had all three of them bouncing up and down on their big feets.  Even Earl, who is usually more reserved, jumped feets first into the excitement.

“So,” Amanda started, “Who is Aww-Dree?”

“Well,” I answered,  “Audrey is Christoper’s lady friend.”

“Who is Kissofair?”  she interrupted.

“Christopher is my son,” I answered.

“And he’s really COOL!”  Chauncey jumped in.

“YEAH,”  Earl shouted.  “He has toys, too!”

” ‘Cept he calls them, ‘Ax-shun Feen-gerz,’  Chauncey mused.”

“Yeah,” Earl agreed.  “He calls them Ax-shun Feen-gerz, but they’re still toys.”

“Yes, they are still toys,”  I said.  “Anyway, Audrey is Christopher’s special friend, and she’s very sweet and nice, and she’s totally into toys, like you.”

“She likes toyz?  Will she like ME?”  asked Amanda Grace.

“Yes, she sure does!  And I’m willing to bet that you will make each other very, very happy.”

“Hmmmm…Can I have a loopy thing like my brothers, and a closey-peen?”

Wow, the things these guys come up with!  What Amanda Grace was talking about was the safety pin and loop that her brothers have.  That started, at my sister’s request, as an alternative to sticking safety pins into their heads.  Mary didn’t mind the sewing needles..they are pin cushions, after all…but the safety pins sticking out of their wee heads grossed her out as total toy torture.  Now, the safety pin loop has grown into a Feets punk element that Chauncey insists all of his little brothers and sisters have.  This time, I didn’t have to wait for Chauncey’s input.  Amanda Grace was not satisfied coming off the hook as she was, and asserted herself for her own loop and pin.

I had that little request fulfilled in short order, and she preened for her brothers, showing off her new safety pin.  

They played for a while, playing word games, watching TV, and talking over what they wanted to do about Amanda Grace’s future.  Finally, they came to me, as a group, to disclose their vote.

“I think I’d like to go and live with Miss Aww-Dree,”  Amanda Grace proclaimed.  “I’d like to see more of the world!”

“And we voted with her,” Earl chimed in.  “We put it to a Deem-O-Kraf-fix vote, and we voted Yoo-Mam-Ah-Moosley to give Amanda Grace what she wants, to see more of the world.”

Chauncey, somewhat contemplative and ever-protective, asked, “If Amanda Grace wants to, can she come back home?”

I, of course, melted.

“Of course she can,”  I soothed.  “Amanda Grace, you can always come home if you want to, for a visit, or to stay.  It will always be your choice.”

Well!  That said, they got all excited again, and started hopping up and down on their big feets, chattering about Amanda Grace’s upcoming adventure.  They finally quieted down, after several hours of planning, and went off into their little toy slumber.

Amanda Grace stayed with us for several days.  When it was time to go, she went without a single fear.  Chris escorted her to Audrey’s house, and I was told the next that that she was welcomed with open arms, that Audrey fell immediately in love with her new yarn friend, and Amanda Grace, with her new human friend.

Looks like BFFs forever!!!  (and a baby brother or sister on the hook for Chauncey and Earl…)

chauncey earl amanda grace

New Fractal At Schmoozelfracs, And A Special Wish For All Of You


I’m pleased to share today’s gifts from Xaos!  This new fractal, just put up in Schmoozelfracs, reminds me of ocean meeting land, and that special, peaceful feeling I get from watching, listening to that ebb and flow.  You can find that right there in Gallery Two, and I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it did for me!

w-xaos-ocean meets land

And now, my New Year’s wish for you.  It’s been a great year, and a challenging one.  We’ve enjoyed the good together, and suffered through the bad.  In some cases, there has been chaos.

I know, in my heart, that if we continue to work together, as a People, and for the common good of all people, we can make sense of chaos, and find peace and simplicity in it.

This is my wish for all of you…that you find peace and simplicity in chaos.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

w-xaos.happy new year 2013

‘Twas The Day After Christmas


I hope this finds everyone happy, warm and safe, after having the best Holiday ever!

My crochet hooks flew through the weekend, and I finally got everything finished and washed on Christmas eve, wrapped early on Christmas day.  Not cutting it too close, was I?

My sister told me, “Relax.  It isn’t Christmas unless you’re weaving in the last ends over dinner!”

I know I already showed off my baby niece’s sweater some time back, when I started the felted bag, and I promised you pictures of that bag, completed, as well as the crocheted Santa for Mary.

Here we go!!!  This is Santa Claus, from a pattern that I bought from Delicious Crochet.  She has some really awesome patterns there, so go look!


Here’s Santa again, with a bag of toys I whipped up (What would Santa be without that toy bag?)  and his buddy, Beaker, sporting his own new Santa hat.


Now you all see what I was talking about when I was cursing the French knots.  Santa’s mustache, beard, eye brows  and head are covered with them!

Another really good shot of Santa and his toys…


The toys were fun to make.  This little teddy is only about an inch and a half tall.


And, what toy bag would be complete without a Feets baby?  Welcome to the world, Teenie Feets!


She’s really teenie, only about half of Earl’s size.  What a little darling!


Here’s one last shot of that gang, hanging out for the Holiday…and look, Teenie is checking out Beaker’s Feets!


Christmas Day, and the Amaryllis popped up with a brand new bloom…


I’m delighted with the felted bag, and so is my niece!  It all came together beautifully.  Of course, I still can’t find the darn clasp I bought for it, but the loop and button will do until I find it.

Here it is, finally, from the front…


I added another green Peace sign on the closure flap


Here’s the back of the bag…


Felting this piece was a challenge, as the stitches were all different thicknesses.  I had the thick and thin textures from my hand-spun yarns, the smooth textures from worsted weight purchased wool yarns, and textured stitches such as popcorns and bullions.  It took a long time to felt evenly, but it turned out to be well worth the effort. 

While I didn’t make “Ugly Christmas sweaters,”  I did go with that grand tradition theme, and whipped up an “Ugly Christmas scarf” for my sister in law.  It’s thick and soft and warm, and perfectly hideous.  She loves it!  


For my brother, I went bananas with his “Fugly Christmas hat.”  I thought, for him, the happier and more ridiculous the better…and I was right.  He loves it!  This is the front of the hat, if this is the way he prefers to wear it.

hat from front

The back of the hat is where I added extra rows, so he can wear it with this as a neck warmer, or turn it around and wear these extra rows as a sort of brim.  For the “pooftage,” I did the same stitch I use to make “Chauncey hair.”  I know there’s a name for that stitch, but I don’t know it, so I call it my, “Chauncey Stitch.”  For the “Chauncey Stitch,” you simply treble crochet, and slip stitch, into the same stitch.  This stitch always works from the back, so that the poofs show up on the right side.

hat from back neck flap

Of course, it has the signature green peace sign!  I hung it from the tassle at the top of the hat.

peace sign tassle detail


This all begs the question, “Will he wear this thing?”

You bet he will!!!!


This hat is THICK.  Four strands held together and a big hook…and it’s so soft and pliable, he said it was enormously comfy…and plans to wear it a lot.

Today, I’m still crocheting…but I did let my hooks cool down a bit right after Christmas.  I’m currently spinning more roving for another gift…stay tuned!