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New Feature! BLOG of the Week!


Fellow yarn and garden freaks, it’s time to introduce this week’s blog of the week.  

This is a new idea, which coincides well with the, “Etsy Shop of the Week” idea.  I believe I posted that one on Tuesday..so let’s look for that on Mondays or Tuesdays, and look for cool blogs on Fridays or Saturdays.

Let’s kick off the festivities with Daniella Joe’s incredible blog.  This is one talented lady!   A true fiber artist, she is self-proclaimed as being, “not good with patterns.”  So, rather than be daunted by confusing text and convoluted graphs, she sees a need for something…and makes it up as she goes along. That stuns me to silence. What an amazing talent!

Her blog is a delight; Colorful, friendly, and endlessly informative. She gets her readers involved, always suggesting new ideas to tickle our own Muses.
Go on in and check out her pineapple doily, a work in progress. It will boggle your mind, that she made this piece up as she stitched. And, check out her magic Technicolor couch! You’ll be glad you did,


Amaryllis In Full Bloom


Well, Folks, our Amaryllis did it.  She bloomed again, with four strong, lovely red and white flowers that are a joy to behold.

Look at these colors!

2013-02-06 22.10.04

I love these greens, too.  Spectacular!

2013-02-06 22.09.14

And here’s Miss Amaryllis, for her close up…I admit, I couldn’t help but pet the petals of these flowers.  Look at the delicate way they furl!  The petals feel sturdy, and silky to the touch.  This plant is a huge bright spot in my winter kitchen!

2013-02-06 22.09.31

Hmmmm…we’re supposed to get a wicked snow storm Friday.  I wonder if Miss Amaryllis wouldn’t mind a quick shot in the snow?  We’ll see!

Next up…Chauncey and Earl are hopping up and down on their feets to have their pictures posted, with new Feets family members!  See you soon!

I Think I Can! I Think I Can!


Oooooooo!  Our Lady Amaryllis is sooooo close! 

I would have bet money that this plant would have bloomed over night last night, and it’s a good thing I didn’t.  She’s trying!  

And, apparently, she’s determined to take her time and do it right.

“I’m gettin’ my bloom on!” She proudly proclaims.  “I’m almost ready to shine!”

Lady Amaryllis, I tend to respectfully disagree.  I think that, right now, you are as shiny as a new penny!

Look at our gal!  Now, I’m not so willing to bet that she’ll “get her bloom on” tonight, but I won’t be surprised if she does.  

2013-02-01 18.33.10


Stay tuned!

Almost There!


My lovely Amaryllis is blooming!  We knew it would happen soon.

This is what it looked like at around eleven o’clock this morning….


See?  Just peeping out, a little color showing.  Happy!


And this is what it looked like at 9:30 tonight!


Looks like it’ll have a lot of white mixed in with the red.  Awesome!

I’m thinking, I’ll have a pretty good bloom by morning.

There’s a small miracle happening in my kitchen!

(Those of you who are thinking, “This is not a miracle, this is a plant blooming,”  have never seen what I can do to a house plant…)

Stay Tuned!


That Wild and Craaaaazy Amaryllis



Time to post an Amaryllis update, as this plant is taking off like a rocket!

On January first, I posted that the Amaryllis was sending up a new bloom shoot, which was just about two inches tall, and the foliage was even tinier, barely measurable.


Tonight, I took a ruler to it, and this plant, from where the stem emerges from the bulb, to the tip of the bud, measures a whopping 24 inches in length!  

The foliage, again from the point where the leaves emerge from the bulb, measures 10 inches in length and are starting to fan out.  The leaves feel thick and sturdy, and very smooth, very pleasing to the touch.

The bulb is still rolled tightly, showing no bloom color, but looking “stockier,” like it’s swelling, getting ready to bloom.  

It’s almost as cool as watching a baby grow, gaining weight and strength, in a mother’s womb!  The sense of anticipation, while not as intense as when you’re thinking of a child being born, is still there.   It’s a wonderful feeing, that anticipation of life…I just adore watching the life cycles of plants!!!

Here’s our “baby,”  growing strong, getting ready to bloom and make its beauty known to its little world…

amaryllis 01.30.2012

Stay tuned!  I believe this little wonder will decide to bloom soon.


Amaryllis Update


Good morning!  

It’s just after 6:30 in the morning here in sunny Connecticut.  The birds aren’t even up yet. They’re hiding from the cold!  

As cold goes…this is normal January-in-Connecticut weather, temperatures out there right now are 9 degrees Fahrenheit,  expected to go all the way up to a balmy 22 degrees later today.  

GOOD!!!  Let the cold snap freeze the fungus that wiped out my garden last summer!  

As cold goes, I’m not about to complain about these single digits.  I won’t be playing Frisbee out there today, but I don’t have to deal with what’s happening in the upper Mid-West, either, which is currently sitting in the negative numbers, with much of Minnesota registering at negative 34 degrees.

Negative 34!  I just got the shudders thinking about it!

No…no complaints from me, here in summery Connecticut.  I just hope my car starts.

Now, here I am, warm and cosseted, enjoying the quiet of the breaking dawn.

I just took some new crappy cell phone pics of my amazing Amaryllis, which is growing like a loon, undaunted in its quest to bloom again.  I actually took pictures las week, but they came out badly, and the plant shot up another two inches in the last week, so I tossed those shots, and will share these.

What a plant!  It’s getting really tall, growing beautifully, not quite ready to bloom yet.  Its bud is still rolled up tightly.  

What I thought, because of general shape, to be a possible third bloom peeking out last time I posted pictures, is actually foliage coming up from the center of the bulb.  Mike corrected me on that, explaining that it is the plant’s leaves that come up from the center of the bulb.  Sure enough, there are leaves coming up strong, and they’re going to be gorgeous!

That I have a healthy green plant growing in my kitchen in the middle of winter is giving me the most ridiculous amount of pleasure and awe.  I find myself staring at this plant, looking closely to take in all of the gradient colors of the foliage and the bud, looking for signs of imminent bloom, of that time when those bold trumpets will pop and tell the world, “I am here, and I am happy!”

That’s a little while away, and I won’t even try to guess when.  I’m completely new at these plants, don’t know their rhythms yet.  

Here are the shots I just took…enjoy watching our Amaryllis grow!

Sweet, tightly rolled bud

Sweet, tightly rolled bud

The stem is hollow!

The stem is hollow!

These leaves will be gangbusters soon!

These leaves will be gangbusters soon!

Look at those color gradients!

Look at those color gradients!

It’s nothing short of amazing, isn’t it?  Here is a simple plant, all it asks for is sunshine, water and warmth, and yet it gives back one hundred fold, in peace and pleasure, and in that kid-before-Christmas sense of awe that I feel, watching it grow, watching it thrive, waiting for it to bloom.  

Stay tuned!

New Flower Coming!


My friends, I’m excited to let you all know that my diligent Christmas Amaryllis is putting up a new bud!  

I’ve been watching it for a couple of weeks, and now, it’s suddenly started to take off again.  If everything goes like it has been, I expect new blooms within a month.  Isn’t this COOL?


And look next, at what I believe is a third bud forming, from the center of the bulb!


See that little darling poking up, ready to greet the world!

What a plant!!!!  I will keep you posted!

Now I have a confession to make…I am an Enabler.  I have not only caused, but have actively enabled, my cat’s addiction to evaporated milk.

She’s lost some weight, her coat needed a little help…and I remembered she liked lactose-free milk.  I had canned milk.  So, I gave her just a teaspoon, and waited to see if she could tolerate it.  She did!  The next day, I gave her one more teaspoon, and waited.  A few hours later, a tablespoon…

And a four-legged, furry evaporated milk junkie was born.

So, her weight is coming up a little, her coat is improving, and she doesn’t have even a shred of lactose intolerance.  That’s great news!  It’s great news, because now I can not enter the kitchen without the cat begging, asking for, screaming for, more milk!  

Here’s my girl, with her “pathetic beggar kitty” pose, asking very politely for more evaporated milk goodness


See the paw?  I wish I had the cell phone camera in my had a few days back when I asked her to, “Show me what you want,” and she went to the fridge and swatted the door…and then YELLED.

Precious Kitty!

Finally, today, I’ll share this with you all…I “quick” felted a bar of the new soap I got from Heart’s Creations at Etsy (see the side bar for the link!).  While the green peace sign is obviously made from dyed (commercial) roving,  the whites and gray  you’re looking at are so natural, the wool still has tiny bits of hay in it.  I leave it there, too!  

felted soap


The soap itself is so wonderful that my hands, after the wet felting process, feel and smell incredible!  That gray will be substantially lighter when the bar dries.  And this soap, a gift for my friend upstairs, comes with its own wash cloth.  I just love felted soap!

Hehe….I love felted…everything!

Time to go back to the hook!  I have a pure wool scarf, hand spun, working, and I need nineteen “Feets Friends” by the end of the month.  I also have two hats and a prayer shawl on deck.  Better get to hookin’!

Stay tuned….


Look At What Happened Overnight!


My Amaryllis bloomed!

Oh, this is too cool.  And, look behind the bloom…see the others coming in behind it?

I know this all seems silly.  I grow a pretty wide variety of vegetables in my yard every summer.  I’m even growing banana plants!  But this…I just never had any luck with house plants before.  for this little plant to come to bloom in my house is a gas!!!

I’ll keep you posted!

amaryllis bloom 12.16.12


So Close!


I’m just popping in with a quick Amaryllis update today, and some thoughts.

In just the few days since I posted the last picture, this little trooper has broken free, and is starting to form blooms.  I can see the red!

The plant is healthy, and showing it.  It’s right where it needs to be, in my bright, cream-colored kitchen, right in front of two big windows and sitting on my buffet, which is parked right in front of the baseboard heating for that room.  I keep it watered, “just enough,” and even give it exercise.  When it starts to lean toward the window, I turn it around.  It has never ceased to amaze me, the way a plant will always turn toward the sun and reach for the light.  It’s so somple.  Water, light, warmth.  You meet the needs of the plant, and the plant rewards your soul ten-fold.

Plants are just so….positive!

amaryllis 12.14.2012

It was a hard day here in Connecticut yesterday.  Heck, it was a hard day everywhere yesterday, as news of yet another senseless school shooting spread through the country like yet another tsunami of shock and despair.  

As of right now, I believe (not entirely sure, to be truthful, as the dust is still settling) that twenty small children, whose biggest concerns  yesterday morning were cereal and toys, what they would bring to school to share, where Mommy and Daddy hid the Christmas presents or lighting the Menorah, are now gone.  They’re gone!  Dreams of sugar plums have been forever dashed.

Six educators, whose thoughts for the day were of planning what to wear, lesson plans, Holiday plans, family plans, and deciding how to make this day the best it could be for their students—their extended family of children—are gone.  It was reported last night some time, that the shooter’s mother was his first victim.  The shooter himself, who was someone’s child once, with his own dreams of sugar plums and show and tell, is also gone.

Twenty seven lives have been cut off, most of them innocent, small children who never stood a chance.  A community is shattered.  Countless lives have been irrevocably changed.  An entire  global human community stares numbly at the news and asks, “Why?”

This time, it happened just a half hour from my home.  That doesn’t matter, though.  This type of incident spreads horror and sadness, grief and anger, through the entire country, through the whole global human community.  I was just as sad, angry and grief-stricken when this happened at Columbine.  Colorado may as well have been just a half hour away.

I won’t politicize this.  For today, I will not go into any of that knee-jerk shock reaction of pointing fingers, or screaming for gun control, or blaming video games.  I have no personal political agenda today.  That is for another time.

Some would say that is for the think tanks, the professionals.  I disagree.

I will allow, though, that changes must be made.  Some how, some way, somewhere, changes must be made.  Making the changes necessary to bring these horrific events to extinction not just for think tanks and professionals.  That responsibility is for all of us.  

For today, I invite you to gaze upon this simple plant and absorb some of its positive energy.  For today, look at these emerging blooms and take heart in this simple sign of life.  Pray for the dead.  Pray for the survivors. 

And, let’s all entertain thoughts of moving forward, into a mind set that would make even thinking about picking up a weapon and blowing away a class room filled with children, be they kindergärtners or High School seniors or college students,  so abhorrent that no one is willing to do that again.

At the end of today, Humans…all we really have in this life is each other…and that’s a LOT.



New Yarn and a Very Happy Amaryllis

New Yarn and a Very Happy Amaryllis

Hi there!

The weather here in Southern Connecticut is amazing, in the fifties with a few clouds.  I’m not greedy.  I’ll take another four or five months of this….

I spun a new hank of roving, and am having a problem deciding if I should dye it cardinal red, or black, or just leave it be!  I love the natural gray undertones in this batch of roving, from a sheep aptly named, “Shadow.”   I believe this hank will take the black dye perfectly.  The red should come out a just little bit muted.  

As I draft this roving onto the spindle, I can see the finest, tiniest gray hairs, and even tiny bits if hay.  Heck yeah, I leave those little bits of hay in there!  If I come across a big chunk of the stuff, I pick it out, but otherwise, I leave it alone.  It adds character!  

I believe I’ll set the twist in hot water and decide on color after that.  I really do like this natural, but I really need black and red.  


My Christmas Amaryllis is happy!  I’m ecstatic.  I do well in the garden, but with house plants…not so much.  I don’t even attempt Chia Pets.  

My little Green Guy is doing well, though, growing beautifully, and the top is starting to pop.  Awesome!


NOT the best crappy cell phone pics.  I should have brought the plant outside.

I’m even getting some new leafy stuff from the bottom!


So, stay tuned…we’ll watch this little gem grow together!

Next post…I’ll update you on the felted bag, which is almost done!