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Amaryllis In Full Bloom


Well, Folks, our Amaryllis did it.  She bloomed again, with four strong, lovely red and white flowers that are a joy to behold.

Look at these colors!

2013-02-06 22.10.04

I love these greens, too.  Spectacular!

2013-02-06 22.09.14

And here’s Miss Amaryllis, for her close up…I admit, I couldn’t help but pet the petals of these flowers.  Look at the delicate way they furl!  The petals feel sturdy, and silky to the touch.  This plant is a huge bright spot in my winter kitchen!

2013-02-06 22.09.31

Hmmmm…we’re supposed to get a wicked snow storm Friday.  I wonder if Miss Amaryllis wouldn’t mind a quick shot in the snow?  We’ll see!

Next up…Chauncey and Earl are hopping up and down on their feets to have their pictures posted, with new Feets family members!  See you soon!