Etsy Shop of the Week, 7.27.2013


Here we are again, poking into an Etsy shop that I particularly like.  Let’s go shopping!

Today, Gentle Readers, we’re going to go “Girl shopping.”  Let’s go buy some hair extensions.

They’re all the rage these days.  You see them on heads from nine to ninety, in all manner of colors and styles, from silky straight, to wavy, to dread locks.  All you have to do is dream up a look, then look for a seller that has what you want.

And, did I ever find a great seller!  I got a beautiful, generous set of acrylic hair extensions from Robin at Tressesinseconds at Etsy, for a fraction of what human hair extensions would have cost.

When I say that Robin’s extension sets are generous, I mean it.  Most hair extension sets, it seems, come with about 100 grams of hair.  More hair, more money…a lot more money.  Yet, here’s Robin, offering  gorgeous 150 gram sets of extensions for a pittance.

Don’t let the word, “Acrylic” fool you.  This hair is soft, silky, durable and lovely.  It feels,  weighs and wears just like real hair,  It doesn’t look like doll’s hair, but like…well, like hair!  The extensions clip in fast and easy, too…literally in seconds, hence the shop’s name.

Robin also offers beautiful human hair extensions.  This 19-inch set of  is one of her most expensive, but she has others priced much, much lower.  Comparatively, extension sets with this much real human hair, at this length,  start at over $200, and go up, way up, from there.  

Not a single store I went to on line had “my” hair color, which is mouse brown  with about 40-50% gray.  Robin had it, though, and just let me know that has more.  I’ll be ordering another set of these amazing extensions soon!

So…want to play with hair?  Play with color? Just add fullness and length?  Go see Robin.  You’ll be glad you did!

Oh, I almost forgot…don’t be shy about asking for special cuts or colors!


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I'm just simple gal who loves loves cartoons, gardening, hockey, writing, painting, doodling, crocheting, anything else that involves yarn, hanging with family and friends, laughter, and running with scissors.

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  1. Oh, you bet! Robin does an amazing job, and she’s fast, too. You get a lot of hair for the buck, and the synthetic is a real $$$ saver, wonderful texture. she does glorious human hair extensions, too!

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