Blog of the Week 7.23.2013


Good evening, Gentle Readers!

As promised, I’m back to highlight a blog that, in some way or another, strikes my fancy and shows us an exceptional personality.

This week, allow me to introduce those of you who don’t already know her, to a richly talented and deeply loving woman named, “Mtetar.”

Steeped in an emotional and religious Faith that I can only hope to achieve a fraction of in my life time, Mtetar’s blog entertains us with project tutorials, mostly for children, and stories of family and Faith.  She and her lovely side kick, her grand daughter, paint, sew, read, write and count (among other things!) their way through life together, in such a way that teaches and delights this jaded soul, and leaves me feeling that we, as a species, just might make it after all.

Do stop in and say, “Hello,” to these two talented, loving ladies, and enjoy the blog and its stories and crafts tutorials. If you’re anything like me, you’ll leave with a fresh, upbeat outlook, and instilled with a level of peace and inspiration that will make your day.

Be Blessed, Mtetar, for you are truly a Blessing!


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  1. Hey Ladies!! How is it going??? Wendy your reviews are excellent, it’s like having all of your shops in one place, keep it up! Hugs :-)

  2. Thanks for the updates Wendy, and I look forward for the post and while you’re at it maybe add something to keep his hands just as warm. I hope it won’t be a very cold winter. Brenda I hope it isn’t too hot and you’re staying cool. You all be Bless, and I look forward to more great post. Thanks for replying Wendy. Mtetar

  3. Mtetar, I just gave Brenda a super-duper squeeze and a furry kiss from you! The Amaryllis is cut down, waiting for winter. What a healthy plant! I potted it up a soze, now we wait…
    I will say Hello to Ed for you! He is such a brave soul…I’m thinking, this year, I’ll make a heavy crocheted Uncle Sam hat to go with his scarf. He’s a veteran, and asked me last spring to make him a scarf in red, white and blue. Well, couldn’t put the stars on in any acceptable time, so I did a blank Navy blue field and thirteen stripes in red and white, and that scarf came out six or seven feet long, a foot wide, and HEAVY in Hometown USA #6 yarns. Now I’ll make the hat. With ear flaps, of course!

  4. Thanks Wendy, and most definitely! Regards to the cat as well as your brother. I look forward to seeing another hat made by you for him. How’s the plant? Blessings to you as always. Mtetar

  5. Amen!!! Wow Wendy thanks for the inspiration, and encouragement. May God continues to strengthens you each day by HIS Grace and Mercy. Your support not just to me, but others is greatly appreciated simply because support is a need in life. Continue to Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar

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