New Feature! “Etsy Shop of the Week!”


Hi there!

I think it’s time to introduce a new feature to my little space on the web.  Let’s go shopping!

Here, I’ll post a shop in Etsy that I like, that looks like it has something for those of you out there that frequent my pages.  It might be a needlework shop, or crafts, or gardening…it’s all in the air at the moment!

For today, let’s look to my blog roll and start with my friends.  For today, let’s start with G-Ma Ellen!

Ellen’s a wonderful gal, who has a few great crochet patterns up in her looks like she sold everything else out for now!  Drop her a line and tell her it’s time to restock!

My favorite pattern from her is her Open Shell Cowl pattern. This lovely pattern is so easy and fast, and so customizable, I’ve flown through making something like six of them. I LOVE this cowl!  Isn’t this a beauty?


I love the details.  Feminine without being too frou-frou, this can be a casual neck warmer, or made to dress up in.  It’s all in the yarn with this beautiful piece.


Ellen also has a pattern for a delightful Wine Bottle Cozy/Caddy in a stunning yet casual shell lace, perfect for bringing a bottle of bubbly to a picnic, or for gifting a special friend with their favorite Merlot.


I’ll bet this would even dress up a little girl’s cream soda bottle when she has her friends over for a party!


So…for now, stop in and visit Ellen. She’s cool!

Thanks for looking! And, stay tuned…next week, along with the shop of the week, I think I’d like to start shining a sweet, bright light on some of the really awesome blogs I read all the time.

Heads up, Friends…you’re next!


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  1. G-Ma is a talented lady, I need to visit with her again, Wendy, this is so nice of you, you should open your own shop… just sayin’ :-)

  2. Thank you, Mtetar! I am blessed. My family, my friends, all of it. Life is good. I’m poor as dirt, but I don’t need a lot.
    Brenda is as sweet and adorable as ever!

  3. Good News!!!. Thanks Wendy for the updates, and in advance for mentioning me in your up coming post. I look forward to the post. Hope the cat is doing well also. It is always good to hear from friends. Continue to Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar

  4. I am blessed, Mtetar! I’ve met so many good souls online, and I’m having a great deal of fun. Watch for your blog, Dear. You absolutely will be posted in my blog highlight!
    The plant is amazing! I’m planning in going to the garden, soon, to start the gardening posts. Everything was so late, but everything is hale and hearty, growing well. Wait until you see the banana plants! I’ll make sure to include the Amaryllis when I post the garden plantings.
    Enjoy your many Blessings today!

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