The World’s Top 10 Best Deep Fried Desserts




Oh, Lord…The concept of a deep-fried ANYthing is a boon for me.  If I can deep-fry it…I’ll eat it!  (Hence, my cuddly figure)

Well, until you start talking Cream Eggs.  They’re gross to start with, so I won’t be looking at that.  But…Oreos!  That’s like..a cookie inside a do-nut!  I am THERE!

P.S….don’t even consider the health benefits, or lack thereof, of a deep-fried banana.  This is potassium-rich Mental Health food.  Enjoy it.  Bury the scale under the bed for a day.  You can obsess over the calories tomorrow.

Have fun reading (and trying the recipes ;- D ) 

The World’s Top 10 Best Deep Fried Desserts.


About schmoozelfleugen

I'm just simple gal who loves loves cartoons, gardening, hockey, writing, painting, doodling, crocheting, anything else that involves yarn, hanging with family and friends, laughter, and running with scissors.

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  1. LOL, ain’t that the truth! I’m stitching these Feets dollies like a mad woman, because I NEED to get my etsy store stocked and open. That light bill won’t wait much longer!

  2. Thank you Schmoozelfleugen. I think we crafters are a special breed. This week I started writing on hobbies to have. There will be much crochet I think, trying to promote my business. It just has to pick up soon.
    Be blessed!

  3. You put this comment in exactly the right, happy spot. I am SO glad my little blog helped you hook up with GMa! She rocks, doesn’t she? She’s a major, friendly, humble talent. Awesome that you found her!
    I’ve been through your site, as well, and I see the same superb talent!

  4. I do not know, where to put this comment, but you are VERY correct: G- MA Ellen’s crochet is awesome. i talked with her over Etsy just now. We are 2 peas in the pod and have much in common! Your blog connected us in an instant. God bless you!

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