Maximum Kitty Spoilage


Let me tell you a little about Brenda…the cat.

She is all cat.  She will catch anything that moves, and dispose of it … without playing with it.  

She knows where the evaporated milk is, and will lead me to it, stopping repeatedly to make sure I’m following.  If I stop, she will come and get me.  She will cry for her evaporated milk, and if I don’t answer forthwith, she will holler.  She will climb the refrigerator shelves to try to get it herself.

She can open doors.

She wants what she wants, and is completely selfish about it, screaming until she gets it.

She is possibly the rudest animal I’ve ever encountered.  You may not have a conversation without the cat loudly inserting herself into it for attention.

And yet, she is one of the most affectionate animals I’ve ever come across.  

She is one of the most frustrating animals I’ve ever met.

And yet, she is one of the most sensitive and loyal animals I’ve ever met.  My son was violently sick a few days ago.  The cat, laying down on her belly in the door way, cried.  After that, she would not leave his side.

And when she’s like this, I have to spoil her even more than I already have…


Isn’t she precious?

Ahhh, my darling Brenda.  She is part nemesis, part loving child, and all cat.  She’s thoroughly spoiled, and that’s my fault.  I spoil her because, at the end of the day, she’s worthy of being spoiled.   If you don’t believe me … just ask the cat.

Hmmmm…I think, tonight, I’ll poach up some fresh boneless chicken for her.



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  1. You are a bright & shining star! I look forward to every post so I’ve seriously nominated you for this “Super Sweet Blogging Award”… woohoo! ❤

  2. Ohhh, yeah. Maximum spoilage for this Maximum Diva. She knows exactly what to say, and how to say it, to get what she wants, which is usually total worship from her favorite lesser beings.
    I’ll draw a quick Diva story out of the air..there are so many of them!
    You know how they sneak up ion you and get underfoot? Well. I’m at the fridge getting water for myself,, you may not get your water, your lunch, your dinner, without first seeing to the wants and needs of the cat. So, she’s stalking the fridge, sneaked up and literally got underfoot. I stepped back and landed on her tail. Did I hurt her? No, I hurt myself getting off her tail ASAP. I barely grazed the tip of her tail. I was profusely apologizing to the cat, though, which she has come to expect as her due, but that wasn’t good enough. She used her new, profoundly serious injury to her advantage. Smart cat. Did she wail about her tail? Noooo…this one holds up her “beggar’s paw,” and cries, whimpers, wails…literally drags her hind quarters with the other front paw to the open fridge and tries to climb the shelves with one paw, wailing all the time.
    I played into it, got her milk, “Oh, poor kitty, did Mommy smash your precious body, Oh, I’m soooo sor-ryyyyyy.”
    Brenda, now seeing that she is about to get what she wants, gives up the act, and bounds off the shelves, RUNS to the dish for the milk.
    Yup. Diva of Zsa Zsa proportions.

  3. I certainly will! I’ll make sure she has extra rubs and “potty cuddles” from Gramma Ellen.
    “Potty cuddles” comes from her absolute refusal to allow any human into the bathroom without her companionship and tutelage. So, I pick her up and cuddle her while I’ indisposed, and she gets her cuddles, and uses the paper roll as her “potty pillow.”

  4. What a sweet, sweet story! Thank you for sharing. I so miss having a cat. For over 20 years we always had at least one cat, but circumstances won’t allow it at this time. Love her up for me, will you please? <3

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