A New, Unusual Feets


Good Evening!

I have a special guest!  Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to our newest Feets family member, “Senor Huevo Feets!”

From his bright, multi-colored hair to his yolk-hued feets, he is every inch adorable and sweet.

2013-02-18 15.10.54

Senor Huevo is a Companion Feets, who has gone to live with a very nice man, to keep him company at the office where he works.  He’s a “Desk Friend,”  as he chooses to put it, and will sit contentedly on his person’s desk, keeping him company through the long day at work.

His human friend has very kindly promised not to eat omelets or egg sandwiches at his desk!

Senor Huevo though that the “closey peen” concept was cool…as long as he has a loop.  He did politely decline having a “Sow-ing peen” put, tribal-style, through his head, something that made him distinctly nervous.

His brothers treated him very gently, as will his person. because, as Chauncey pointed out, “He’s a Eggie and he’ll go SPLAT !”

Just before I very carefully packed him into his travel pouch for his great adventure to his person’s office, I got a picture of him with Chauncey and Earl…who are already asking me when they can go to “Eggie’s office” to visit.

2013-02-18 15.23.17

Soon, Boys!  Soon!


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