Simple Knit and Crochet Scarf


Remember the Fugly Christmas hats?  Aside from that almost confectionery Masterpiece of Ultimate Fug, the hat I did for my brother, there were two ear-flap hats for my land lady’s grands, plus an open shell cowl I stitched for her daughter from a pattern I bought from G-Ma Ellen.  I also did a heavy oven mitt and potholder set for my land lady, who we will lovingly refer to as, “Nona Lucy.”  Really, when you’re with your land lady for more than twenty years, and you all watch the kids grow up together, you become a whole lot more than land lady and tenant…you become family.

Anyway, Nona Lucy asked me if I had time to stitch up a simple hat or scarf, so she could go for walks in the cold without freezing her ears.

A simple, “would you please,” from Lucy?  Kids, I was THERE!  I was just all over that, ticked pink that this dear friend would ask for anything stitched from me, because not only is she my dear friend, she was a professional fiber artist!  Sew, quilt, stitch, knit, embroider, crochet…she’s done it all, and taught it all.  I was flattered to have been asked!

So…she needed it simple, and she needed it fast, as it was hitting single digits out there.  I grabbed up a brand-new skein of Simply Soft, in a beautiful, snowy white, and rather than take up all that time with the hook, I dusted off the knitter.

I saved and saved about a year ago, and got my hands on an Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine from Paradise Fibers.  I loaded up the machine, and cranked off a skein of white yarn, lickety-split!  When I got the tube finished, I took it off the machine and finished the ends with a reverse “extended” single crochet.  In the center of each end, I borrowed from G-Ma Ellen’s cowl pattern again, and dropped in a single big open shell, such as Ellen uses in the final round of her cowl.  It looked great!

Except for….

Well, no machine is perfect, and if you go too fast, or a clump of fairy dust gets into the needles  (or you catch Chauncey and Earl riding on the crank handle), these machines can send out a few weird stitches.  My finished tube had three rows of weird stitches, three stitches wide.  It was a small thing, but for me, glaring.  

So, my neighbor Lola and I (we’re lefties!) put our heads together (sometimes that means, “Yikes!”  But not this time.) and came up with something-surface-cover-it-up-crochet…in other words, do NOT frog…decorate!

I picked up the piece, and a hook, more white yarn, and just laid in one evenly spaced and stitched round of extended single crochet, at the top of the … shall we call it a schmotz?  Yeah, schmotz.  Great word, that.   Anyway, I went around the scarf with a surface round of extended single crochet, joined my round, and, moving down toward the end of the scarf, laid in three more rounds, this time in front post single crochet stitches.  I was working off of the previous rounds all the time, until the schmotz was sweetly decorated.  When that was done, I centered yet another of Ellen’s beautiful open shells in line with and above the shell at the edge.

The result was simple, and elegant.  I loved it!

From there, carefully counting up rows for where to start, I did the same with the other end of the scarf,

My own Mom, who was another woman who could do anything with a hook or needle, passed several years ago.  I count myself blessed that I have Lucy, this generous, loving surrogate, who loves everything I give her…even if I make it for my own Mom and pass it on to her!  So, I was as pleased as a child giving her mother a macaroni Mother’s Day card when Lucy got her scarf, put it on, and said, “Ahhhhhh!”


Thank you all for reading as long as you have!  Now, finally, we can look at the cool, crappy cell phone pics of the finished scarf!

G-Ma's open shell laid into the center of the edging

G-Ma’s open shell laid into the center of the edging


Another open shell laid into the last round of surface crochet

The finished end of the scarf, with detailing

The finished end of the scarf, with schmotz cover…er, detailing

The finished piece, simple, soft, warm, and surprisingly quick!

The finished piece, simple, soft, warm, and surprisingly quick!

P.S…My niece’s beau, Sergio, a warm and wonderful man from Guatamala, whom I gifted with a simple, colorful scarf from this machine for Christmas, passed along a, “Would you please?” for a plain black, simple scarf.  I don’t need to tell you…

2013-02-02 08.36.17


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