That Wild and Craaaaazy Amaryllis



Time to post an Amaryllis update, as this plant is taking off like a rocket!

On January first, I posted that the Amaryllis was sending up a new bloom shoot, which was just about two inches tall, and the foliage was even tinier, barely measurable.


Tonight, I took a ruler to it, and this plant, from where the stem emerges from the bulb, to the tip of the bud, measures a whopping 24 inches in length!  

The foliage, again from the point where the leaves emerge from the bulb, measures 10 inches in length and are starting to fan out.  The leaves feel thick and sturdy, and very smooth, very pleasing to the touch.

The bulb is still rolled tightly, showing no bloom color, but looking “stockier,” like it’s swelling, getting ready to bloom.  

It’s almost as cool as watching a baby grow, gaining weight and strength, in a mother’s womb!  The sense of anticipation, while not as intense as when you’re thinking of a child being born, is still there.   It’s a wonderful feeing, that anticipation of life…I just adore watching the life cycles of plants!!!

Here’s our “baby,”  growing strong, getting ready to bloom and make its beauty known to its little world…

amaryllis 01.30.2012

Stay tuned!  I believe this little wonder will decide to bloom soon.



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  1. Im growing one too,its just started growing a little shoot.i can’t wait to see what colour the flowers will be.

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