Amaryllis Update


Good morning!  

It’s just after 6:30 in the morning here in sunny Connecticut.  The birds aren’t even up yet. They’re hiding from the cold!  

As cold goes…this is normal January-in-Connecticut weather, temperatures out there right now are 9 degrees Fahrenheit,  expected to go all the way up to a balmy 22 degrees later today.  

GOOD!!!  Let the cold snap freeze the fungus that wiped out my garden last summer!  

As cold goes, I’m not about to complain about these single digits.  I won’t be playing Frisbee out there today, but I don’t have to deal with what’s happening in the upper Mid-West, either, which is currently sitting in the negative numbers, with much of Minnesota registering at negative 34 degrees.

Negative 34!  I just got the shudders thinking about it!

No…no complaints from me, here in summery Connecticut.  I just hope my car starts.

Now, here I am, warm and cosseted, enjoying the quiet of the breaking dawn.

I just took some new crappy cell phone pics of my amazing Amaryllis, which is growing like a loon, undaunted in its quest to bloom again.  I actually took pictures las week, but they came out badly, and the plant shot up another two inches in the last week, so I tossed those shots, and will share these.

What a plant!  It’s getting really tall, growing beautifully, not quite ready to bloom yet.  Its bud is still rolled up tightly.  

What I thought, because of general shape, to be a possible third bloom peeking out last time I posted pictures, is actually foliage coming up from the center of the bulb.  Mike corrected me on that, explaining that it is the plant’s leaves that come up from the center of the bulb.  Sure enough, there are leaves coming up strong, and they’re going to be gorgeous!

That I have a healthy green plant growing in my kitchen in the middle of winter is giving me the most ridiculous amount of pleasure and awe.  I find myself staring at this plant, looking closely to take in all of the gradient colors of the foliage and the bud, looking for signs of imminent bloom, of that time when those bold trumpets will pop and tell the world, “I am here, and I am happy!”

That’s a little while away, and I won’t even try to guess when.  I’m completely new at these plants, don’t know their rhythms yet.  

Here are the shots I just took…enjoy watching our Amaryllis grow!

Sweet, tightly rolled bud

Sweet, tightly rolled bud

The stem is hollow!

The stem is hollow!

These leaves will be gangbusters soon!

These leaves will be gangbusters soon!

Look at those color gradients!

Look at those color gradients!

It’s nothing short of amazing, isn’t it?  Here is a simple plant, all it asks for is sunshine, water and warmth, and yet it gives back one hundred fold, in peace and pleasure, and in that kid-before-Christmas sense of awe that I feel, watching it grow, watching it thrive, waiting for it to bloom.  

Stay tuned!


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  1. Thank you, Mtetar1 I’ll be sure to keep you posted, so we can watch this little miracle happen at bloom time.
    This plant gives me blessings, too, in the pure pleasure of watching it thrive.

  2. All the Power of God, I Believe that. What a Blessed Life that plant has. Praise God for his Goodness to All Living Things. Be Blessed, Mtetar

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