Introducing Amanda Grace Feets!


I hope that this new post finds everyone enjoying the new year so far!

I’m still stitching like crazy, as usual.  My hands are almost never idle.  (They’re idle when I’m sleeping!)  I’m not in flat-out-get-it-DONE! mode, but comfortably stitching away at a wool scarf, very simple, in extended single crochet, that I’m trying to decide…to felt or not to felt?  I’m thinking, I’ll make the scarf and consult my Muse.

In the mean time, I am delighted to introduce you to my newest member of the Feets family, Amanda Grace Feets!

She’s tiny.  She fits easily into the palm of my hand.  She is not, however, delicate.  She came off the hook, openly and lovingly welcomed by her two brothers, Chauncey and Earl, and immediately started asking for a pin to wear, like her big brothers.

Here’s how it went….

“Welcome to the world, little sweetheart!”  I exclaimed.

“Hi!”  answered the new little toy.  “Where am I?”

“You’re in my house,”  I answered.  “You just now came off the hook.  May I call you, Amanda Grace?”

She thought that over a few seconds, and answered, “Sure!  I like that name!  Um…WHAT am I?”

“You’re a toy,” I replied.  “You’re a very special kind of toy, from a big family called, The Feets Family.”

“Family….” she mused.  “Does that mean there are more like me?”

“You bet!  You have two brothers living here, with me, and other brothers and sisters living with their people.”

“Or DOGS!” came the exclamation from the other side of the room.  “Some of our brothers and sisters live with DOGGIES!”

“And that,” I offered, would be your oldest brother, Chauncey.  He’s hopping up and down on his feets waiting to meet you.  Would you like to meet your brothers?”

“You bet!” she shouted, and started hopping up and down on her feets, too!

Chauncey and Earl were overjoyed with their new baby sister.  They instantly loaned her some of their pins to wear!  Then, they asked me if she would be living with us.

“Well, Guys,” I started, “She can!  If you all really want that to happen, it can happen.  Amanda Grace, however, is slated to go and live with a very nice lady named, Audrey.”

“Okay,” Earl offered.  “But can we talk about that first?  Maybe take a vote?”

Earl is very Democratic.

“Of course!” I answered.  This is a total Democracy, you can vote on anything you like!”

“Wendy is a Lee-Bray-Yell Deem-O-Kraf, like me,”  Earl proudly explained.

I didn’t even try to correct his syntax.  He gets the gist.  And he’s a Liberal.  So, it’s okay.

“And we’re peen-koo-sheens!”  Chauncey chimed in, in his big-boy voice.

“And Amy-Goo-Roomiez, too!”  Earl added.

Now, I had all three of them bouncing up and down on their big feets.  Even Earl, who is usually more reserved, jumped feets first into the excitement.

“So,” Amanda started, “Who is Aww-Dree?”

“Well,” I answered,  “Audrey is Christoper’s lady friend.”

“Who is Kissofair?”  she interrupted.

“Christopher is my son,” I answered.

“And he’s really COOL!”  Chauncey jumped in.

“YEAH,”  Earl shouted.  “He has toys, too!”

” ‘Cept he calls them, ‘Ax-shun Feen-gerz,’  Chauncey mused.”

“Yeah,” Earl agreed.  “He calls them Ax-shun Feen-gerz, but they’re still toys.”

“Yes, they are still toys,”  I said.  “Anyway, Audrey is Christopher’s special friend, and she’s very sweet and nice, and she’s totally into toys, like you.”

“She likes toyz?  Will she like ME?”  asked Amanda Grace.

“Yes, she sure does!  And I’m willing to bet that you will make each other very, very happy.”

“Hmmmm…Can I have a loopy thing like my brothers, and a closey-peen?”

Wow, the things these guys come up with!  What Amanda Grace was talking about was the safety pin and loop that her brothers have.  That started, at my sister’s request, as an alternative to sticking safety pins into their heads.  Mary didn’t mind the sewing needles..they are pin cushions, after all…but the safety pins sticking out of their wee heads grossed her out as total toy torture.  Now, the safety pin loop has grown into a Feets punk element that Chauncey insists all of his little brothers and sisters have.  This time, I didn’t have to wait for Chauncey’s input.  Amanda Grace was not satisfied coming off the hook as she was, and asserted herself for her own loop and pin.

I had that little request fulfilled in short order, and she preened for her brothers, showing off her new safety pin.  

They played for a while, playing word games, watching TV, and talking over what they wanted to do about Amanda Grace’s future.  Finally, they came to me, as a group, to disclose their vote.

“I think I’d like to go and live with Miss Aww-Dree,”  Amanda Grace proclaimed.  “I’d like to see more of the world!”

“And we voted with her,” Earl chimed in.  “We put it to a Deem-O-Kraf-fix vote, and we voted Yoo-Mam-Ah-Moosley to give Amanda Grace what she wants, to see more of the world.”

Chauncey, somewhat contemplative and ever-protective, asked, “If Amanda Grace wants to, can she come back home?”

I, of course, melted.

“Of course she can,”  I soothed.  “Amanda Grace, you can always come home if you want to, for a visit, or to stay.  It will always be your choice.”

Well!  That said, they got all excited again, and started hopping up and down on their big feets, chattering about Amanda Grace’s upcoming adventure.  They finally quieted down, after several hours of planning, and went off into their little toy slumber.

Amanda Grace stayed with us for several days.  When it was time to go, she went without a single fear.  Chris escorted her to Audrey’s house, and I was told the next that that she was welcomed with open arms, that Audrey fell immediately in love with her new yarn friend, and Amanda Grace, with her new human friend.

Looks like BFFs forever!!!  (and a baby brother or sister on the hook for Chauncey and Earl…)

chauncey earl amanda grace


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  1. Yeah, they’ve been somewhat quiet, with winter and all…just soaking up the cartoons on TV. Now they’re back, and demanding company!
    I’m currently stitching an entire tribe of Feets, as gifts, but plan to let them all hang out and play for a few days before they go out. I’ll be making about two dozen assorted Feets, and Chauncey and Earl will naturally gravitate to the one (or two) whose special place in the world is right here, with them.
    For the rest, it’ll be off to the local hospital for “Adopt a Feets day!”

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