New Flower Coming!


My friends, I’m excited to let you all know that my diligent Christmas Amaryllis is putting up a new bud!  

I’ve been watching it for a couple of weeks, and now, it’s suddenly started to take off again.  If everything goes like it has been, I expect new blooms within a month.  Isn’t this COOL?


And look next, at what I believe is a third bud forming, from the center of the bulb!


See that little darling poking up, ready to greet the world!

What a plant!!!!  I will keep you posted!

Now I have a confession to make…I am an Enabler.  I have not only caused, but have actively enabled, my cat’s addiction to evaporated milk.

She’s lost some weight, her coat needed a little help…and I remembered she liked lactose-free milk.  I had canned milk.  So, I gave her just a teaspoon, and waited to see if she could tolerate it.  She did!  The next day, I gave her one more teaspoon, and waited.  A few hours later, a tablespoon…

And a four-legged, furry evaporated milk junkie was born.

So, her weight is coming up a little, her coat is improving, and she doesn’t have even a shred of lactose intolerance.  That’s great news!  It’s great news, because now I can not enter the kitchen without the cat begging, asking for, screaming for, more milk!  

Here’s my girl, with her “pathetic beggar kitty” pose, asking very politely for more evaporated milk goodness


See the paw?  I wish I had the cell phone camera in my had a few days back when I asked her to, “Show me what you want,” and she went to the fridge and swatted the door…and then YELLED.

Precious Kitty!

Finally, today, I’ll share this with you all…I “quick” felted a bar of the new soap I got from Heart’s Creations at Etsy (see the side bar for the link!).  While the green peace sign is obviously made from dyed (commercial) roving,  the whites and gray  you’re looking at are so natural, the wool still has tiny bits of hay in it.  I leave it there, too!  

felted soap


The soap itself is so wonderful that my hands, after the wet felting process, feel and smell incredible!  That gray will be substantially lighter when the bar dries.  And this soap, a gift for my friend upstairs, comes with its own wash cloth.  I just love felted soap!

Hehe….I love felted…everything!

Time to go back to the hook!  I have a pure wool scarf, hand spun, working, and I need nineteen “Feets Friends” by the end of the month.  I also have two hats and a prayer shawl on deck.  Better get to hookin’!

Stay tuned….



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  1. I tried to sign up for Twitter, but it got so darn complicated I gave up. I’ll keep trying! In the mean time, do you use an RSS reader? You can add this site to your RSS and get posts all the time. You can also click the “follow with email” link and have the posts delivered to email.

  2. There are oodles and oodles of instructional vids on the web to guide you through! It’s really easy, a very small learning curve. The trickiest part, for me, is getting the wool-wrapped soap into the stocking without disturbing the wool.
    So…You put the stocking on your hand, and ease it up your arm, like you would if you were wearing the stocking. Carefully take the wrapped soap in that same hand, so that you’re picking it up with the “stocking glove” and then just peel the stocking down your arm, onto the soap, getting the soap into the toe of the stocking. Tie it off somewhat snugly, and then “wash your hands.”
    Get it wet with hot water, and gently work up a lather, and you’ll know, the wool will “tell” you, when to start applying more friction. When the wool fibers start coming through the stocking, you’re good! Very carefully peel the stocking from the soap, and rub some more, until it’s all shrunk down around the bar. Then give it a light rinse in cold water,and put it aside to dry. There’s no need to rinse it thoroughly. Haning some soap in the wool when you;re done is a good thing! It will “charge” the felt for your next shower!

  3. Felted soap is just so wonderful. The soap lathers triple time when its in the wool wrapper! I have an idea…next time you do a give away, contact me, and I’ll donate a felted soap bar!

  4. Precisely! I start with a bar of great soap (any soap will do, but I love the hand made soaps) and make a blanket of roving to wrap it in. Mixing colors, textures…it’s all fun! Then, I carefully stuff the wrapped bar into a cheap nylon knee high and “wash my hands.” It takes a little while, but the combination of heat, soap and friction shrinks the wool roving into a dense, durable fabric that fits snug to the soap bar, and makes its own wash cloth. The wool continues to felt with each use, and shrinks with the bar, and when the soap is gone, you cut open the end of the wrapper and use it as a soap saver, or a little gem bag…whatever. You can also cut it wide open and use it as a personal wash cloth.
    At the moment, I’m working with natrual, un-dyed roving in shades of white and gray. This wool is so natural, it still has tiny bits of hay in it, and I leave it there, too!

  5. I’ve heard of felted soap before but not sure what it is-is it literally soap with felt round it?

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