‘Twas The Day After Christmas


I hope this finds everyone happy, warm and safe, after having the best Holiday ever!

My crochet hooks flew through the weekend, and I finally got everything finished and washed on Christmas eve, wrapped early on Christmas day.  Not cutting it too close, was I?

My sister told me, “Relax.  It isn’t Christmas unless you’re weaving in the last ends over dinner!”

I know I already showed off my baby niece’s sweater some time back, when I started the felted bag, and I promised you pictures of that bag, completed, as well as the crocheted Santa for Mary.

Here we go!!!  This is Santa Claus, from a pattern that I bought from Delicious Crochet.  She has some really awesome patterns there, so go look!


Here’s Santa again, with a bag of toys I whipped up (What would Santa be without that toy bag?)  and his buddy, Beaker, sporting his own new Santa hat.


Now you all see what I was talking about when I was cursing the French knots.  Santa’s mustache, beard, eye brows  and head are covered with them!

Another really good shot of Santa and his toys…


The toys were fun to make.  This little teddy is only about an inch and a half tall.


And, what toy bag would be complete without a Feets baby?  Welcome to the world, Teenie Feets!


She’s really teenie, only about half of Earl’s size.  What a little darling!


Here’s one last shot of that gang, hanging out for the Holiday…and look, Teenie is checking out Beaker’s Feets!


Christmas Day, and the Amaryllis popped up with a brand new bloom…


I’m delighted with the felted bag, and so is my niece!  It all came together beautifully.  Of course, I still can’t find the darn clasp I bought for it, but the loop and button will do until I find it.

Here it is, finally, from the front…


I added another green Peace sign on the closure flap


Here’s the back of the bag…


Felting this piece was a challenge, as the stitches were all different thicknesses.  I had the thick and thin textures from my hand-spun yarns, the smooth textures from worsted weight purchased wool yarns, and textured stitches such as popcorns and bullions.  It took a long time to felt evenly, but it turned out to be well worth the effort. 

While I didn’t make “Ugly Christmas sweaters,”  I did go with that grand tradition theme, and whipped up an “Ugly Christmas scarf” for my sister in law.  It’s thick and soft and warm, and perfectly hideous.  She loves it!  


For my brother, I went bananas with his “Fugly Christmas hat.”  I thought, for him, the happier and more ridiculous the better…and I was right.  He loves it!  This is the front of the hat, if this is the way he prefers to wear it.

hat from front

The back of the hat is where I added extra rows, so he can wear it with this as a neck warmer, or turn it around and wear these extra rows as a sort of brim.  For the “pooftage,” I did the same stitch I use to make “Chauncey hair.”  I know there’s a name for that stitch, but I don’t know it, so I call it my, “Chauncey Stitch.”  For the “Chauncey Stitch,” you simply treble crochet, and slip stitch, into the same stitch.  This stitch always works from the back, so that the poofs show up on the right side.

hat from back neck flap

Of course, it has the signature green peace sign!  I hung it from the tassle at the top of the hat.

peace sign tassle detail


This all begs the question, “Will he wear this thing?”

You bet he will!!!!


This hat is THICK.  Four strands held together and a big hook…and it’s so soft and pliable, he said it was enormously comfy…and plans to wear it a lot.

Today, I’m still crocheting…but I did let my hooks cool down a bit right after Christmas.  I’m currently spinning more roving for another gift…stay tuned!











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  1. Thank you!!!! Yes, Eddie is a brave man. He wore that hat to the Veteran’s hospital for his check up! Now, he’s asked for a red, white and blue scarf to go with it, and you know I started stitching immediately!

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year 2013 Wendy!!!!
    Those are really nice creative and unique gifts that Santa is absolutely my favorite plus the purse is very beautiful and the hat is really warm and handsome you did an excellent job with your handmade Christmas gifts, hugs!!!!

  3. Well how adorable is that!… You are so creative!!! Love them :D
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Leslie

  4. Thank you, Dear Heart! I just found out my brother wore his hat today to keep his head warm in the chill we’re having here, and it kept him super-toasty. Liz is wearing her scarf, Kris is using her bag, and they bundled the baby up in her jacket. THIS is the coolest thing about crocheting gifts! They keep people warm!

  5. Creativity is special, unique, different, and don’t need to look like someone else’s, yours is yours, and I think they’re all beautifully made. I Love the plant very much. The hat would be nice on a Cold East Coast Day. You, and your brother look happy, and pleased. Thank you for sharing. Mtetar

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