So Close!


I’m just popping in with a quick Amaryllis update today, and some thoughts.

In just the few days since I posted the last picture, this little trooper has broken free, and is starting to form blooms.  I can see the red!

The plant is healthy, and showing it.  It’s right where it needs to be, in my bright, cream-colored kitchen, right in front of two big windows and sitting on my buffet, which is parked right in front of the baseboard heating for that room.  I keep it watered, “just enough,” and even give it exercise.  When it starts to lean toward the window, I turn it around.  It has never ceased to amaze me, the way a plant will always turn toward the sun and reach for the light.  It’s so somple.  Water, light, warmth.  You meet the needs of the plant, and the plant rewards your soul ten-fold.

Plants are just so….positive!

amaryllis 12.14.2012

It was a hard day here in Connecticut yesterday.  Heck, it was a hard day everywhere yesterday, as news of yet another senseless school shooting spread through the country like yet another tsunami of shock and despair.  

As of right now, I believe (not entirely sure, to be truthful, as the dust is still settling) that twenty small children, whose biggest concerns  yesterday morning were cereal and toys, what they would bring to school to share, where Mommy and Daddy hid the Christmas presents or lighting the Menorah, are now gone.  They’re gone!  Dreams of sugar plums have been forever dashed.

Six educators, whose thoughts for the day were of planning what to wear, lesson plans, Holiday plans, family plans, and deciding how to make this day the best it could be for their students—their extended family of children—are gone.  It was reported last night some time, that the shooter’s mother was his first victim.  The shooter himself, who was someone’s child once, with his own dreams of sugar plums and show and tell, is also gone.

Twenty seven lives have been cut off, most of them innocent, small children who never stood a chance.  A community is shattered.  Countless lives have been irrevocably changed.  An entire  global human community stares numbly at the news and asks, “Why?”

This time, it happened just a half hour from my home.  That doesn’t matter, though.  This type of incident spreads horror and sadness, grief and anger, through the entire country, through the whole global human community.  I was just as sad, angry and grief-stricken when this happened at Columbine.  Colorado may as well have been just a half hour away.

I won’t politicize this.  For today, I will not go into any of that knee-jerk shock reaction of pointing fingers, or screaming for gun control, or blaming video games.  I have no personal political agenda today.  That is for another time.

Some would say that is for the think tanks, the professionals.  I disagree.

I will allow, though, that changes must be made.  Some how, some way, somewhere, changes must be made.  Making the changes necessary to bring these horrific events to extinction not just for think tanks and professionals.  That responsibility is for all of us.  

For today, I invite you to gaze upon this simple plant and absorb some of its positive energy.  For today, look at these emerging blooms and take heart in this simple sign of life.  Pray for the dead.  Pray for the survivors. 

And, let’s all entertain thoughts of moving forward, into a mind set that would make even thinking about picking up a weapon and blowing away a class room filled with children, be they kindergärtners or High School seniors or college students,  so abhorrent that no one is willing to do that again.

At the end of today, Humans…all we really have in this life is each other…and that’s a LOT.




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