Forvive Me….


I am so close to getting that felted bag finished, I can taste it!

I have to fashion some sort of strap for the bag.  I believe I will break out, “Mr. Trusty”  (that’s my double-ended drop spindle) and “ply” four or five strands of wool together to make a sort of colorful, felt-able rope.  I’ll sew it on, and felt the bag.  I have yet to make the “envelope flap,”  but that won’t take but an hour or so.

I also want to embellish a couple of these patches with a little more whimsical embroidery.

Here’s a peek at my two favorite patches, still under construction…

This is a cool purple rose, easy to do, and the leaves were even easier.

This is a cool purple rose, with leaves

This one is my favorite!

square patch WEB

Now here’s where I have to ask you to forgive me.

This is it for the pictures until after Christmas.  I want to maintain at least a modicum of surprise for my niece.

I knew you’d forgive me!

Stay tuned!  I promise to take pictures as soon as this is finished, and post them right after Christmas.



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  1. Thank you! I’m sorry to be a tease, but it’s time for Santa to hide the goodies. The bag is DONE! It’s felted, came out wonderfully, and is pinned on the blocking board as we speak. I promise to post pictures right after Christmas!

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