New Yarn and a Very Happy Amaryllis

New Yarn and a Very Happy Amaryllis

Hi there!

The weather here in Southern Connecticut is amazing, in the fifties with a few clouds.  I’m not greedy.  I’ll take another four or five months of this….

I spun a new hank of roving, and am having a problem deciding if I should dye it cardinal red, or black, or just leave it be!  I love the natural gray undertones in this batch of roving, from a sheep aptly named, “Shadow.”   I believe this hank will take the black dye perfectly.  The red should come out a just little bit muted.  

As I draft this roving onto the spindle, I can see the finest, tiniest gray hairs, and even tiny bits if hay.  Heck yeah, I leave those little bits of hay in there!  If I come across a big chunk of the stuff, I pick it out, but otherwise, I leave it alone.  It adds character!  

I believe I’ll set the twist in hot water and decide on color after that.  I really do like this natural, but I really need black and red.  


My Christmas Amaryllis is happy!  I’m ecstatic.  I do well in the garden, but with house plants…not so much.  I don’t even attempt Chia Pets.  

My little Green Guy is doing well, though, growing beautifully, and the top is starting to pop.  Awesome!


NOT the best crappy cell phone pics.  I should have brought the plant outside.

I’m even getting some new leafy stuff from the bottom!


So, stay tuned…we’ll watch this little gem grow together!

Next post…I’ll update you on the felted bag, which is almost done!




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  1. On second thought, I believe I’ll wait until tomorrow. It really hit the fan here in CT today. I’ll use tonight to pray for the survivors, and to pray changes…somewhere, some way…changes that will bring horrifying events such as these to extinction.

  2. I was talking to my sister, who brought this plant to me, and she wondered if it would bloom by Christmas. Given how quickly the buds are emerging, I believe it will!

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