Free Form Felted Bag Progress


The bag is coming along well.  I got the front of the bag done, and bordered in black…I even got the edges almost straight!  


That took row upon row of mixed stitches, working singles on the rises, half doubles and doubles on the dips.  I finally got the edges straight enough to work with, and have enough of a border to fold over, to make the border for the back panel.  As I said in my last post, I’ll be working from the edges of the borders, inward.

I folded the border roughly in half, from front to back, and put in a running basting stitch with scrap yarn.


Then I ran a round of single crochet, through the top of the fold, through both thicknesses of the border fabric.  This gave me a pronounced ridge, and forced the fold toward the back of the work. 

When I got to a corner, I released my basting stitch, and jammed the crochet hook into the corner, grabbing the top stitches.  


With the hook in place marking where I wanted to put my corner, I folded the next side over and basted it into place.  

I put three single crochet stitches into the corner, and started around the next side, grabbing the fold through both thicknesses and forming my single crochet ridge.


From the back of the piece, you can see that I have a distinct border built, a good foundation to work inward from. 

You can also see that fitting the corners are going to be a challenge!  I’ll work on them later.


Now, here’s where it started to get fun.  I have this beautiful folded, stitched border, running all around the piece to work inward from, just have to feel my way to fitting in the corners.  Great!  But…I can’t work inward from that top border.  If I do that, I won’t have a bag any more…I’ll have an empty pillow.

So!  That top border just became an interface.  I eased those two top corners into place and stitched them down, then attached yarn to the top left corner and started chaining for a second top border for the back of the bag.  I wanted a more solid base chain to work from so I did this with Foundation Single Crochet .  This gave me a more solid base chain, a finished edge to work from.  It’s actually starting with a row of single crochet.  


As you would have in any regular row of single crochet, you have two top loops.  I made the base chain to fit the width of bag, secured it at the other end, and then did a row of half double crochet through the back loops only, to guide the stitches down toward the bottom of the bag.  A second row of half doubles through both loops made my new border just the right height.  I sewed it in at both corners, nice and neat, then went to the other two corners to ease them to fit, and sewed everything into place as neatly as I could.  Three corners went in swimmingly, but one corner had to be rolled into place.  It worked well, though!  It looks like a little black rose!

Now, from the back, you can see that I have an open top, bordered.  I have borders along each side, and a nice border along the bottom.  I now have a great frame in which to build the back of my bag!


The outside edge, where I first folded the borders over and stitched them in single crochet stitches, has a great ridge of finished stitches, and will be a great foundation for a strap for this bag, and I’ll be able to easily attach an “envelope flap” at the top for closure.

It’s coming along!!!!  Miss Kris, if you’re reading this and you hate it, you’d better speak up now, Girlie!  (Truth be told, I have handed Miss Kris some seriously Fugly crochet in her life, and she’s always been happy to have it.  She’s a SWEETIE!)

I’m looking at my black borders now, and Muse is whispering, “French Knots….”

Stay tuned!!!







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  1. Thank you! I know she’ll like this. She’s all about color and texture. More green in it than she would have asked for, but I know she’ll appreciate the way the greens work into the piece. That, and she “knows” the sheep that the wools came from, which makes the piece all that much more special!

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