My Sister…My Enabler…My Hero!


You all remember me talking about my sister?  I’ve spoken of her before.  she’s the gal who went for gastric bypass surgery and worked off the equivalent of a hockey player…with gear!

My sister stopped by the other day to enable my addiction.

Yup, you read that right.  My sister is an enabler!

When she read the post about how the peppers had to come down, because I really had asked much more from the poor pepper plants than they were capable of giving, she understood, and felt sad for me.  So, she showed up bearing the coolest little Christmas Amaryllis bulb for me to grow, thus enabling my gardening addiction…and giving me something green to nurture.

What a sweet gift!  Is this cool, or what?


It came all boxed up with its own little pot and a cocoa fiber disc for me to soak.  I mixed some of the cocoa fiber with potting soil for better nutrients, soaked my bulb, and potted it up.    And now, with some nurture and a little luck, we’ll all get to watch it grow.

Thank you, Mary!!!!

Know what else she did?  ‘Tis the season, so she went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.  She bought a twenty-six- pound turkey, a twenty-pound bag of rice, veggies, dressings, dessert…a massive Thanksgiving meal…and promptly handed it all over to the food bank.

Sister Mine, you are my hero.  This world would be nothing but a better place with more people in it like you.


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