G-Ma Ellen’s Cowl Pattern Is Da Bomb!


I’m finally getting to posting the picture of the cowl I finished, made from G-Ma Ellen’s Open Shell Cowl Pattern.

And, what a sweet pattern it is.  Oh, it’s fast!  I got this little number finished in a couple of days, and I work slow.  I put things down, go back to them, pick up other projects, go to the garden…you get my drift.  The pattern is easy and fast, the results just lovely!

I made mine a little short, and more snug than your usual cowl, more of a neck warmer.  It sits close against the neck without being too snug or overpowering.  Comfy!!!  And this speaks, again, to the versatility of this pattern.  You make it as long and wide as you want it, in whatever yarn you want to use.  

Look at how nicely it dresses up my favorite old flannel shirt!

Ellen, thank you.  This is an amazingly versatile, superbly written pattern that is a breeze to work.

Interested?  Pop into G-Ma Ellen’s Etsy page, right here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/GMaEllenCrochetGifts  and get your copy of this nifty pattern.  If she’s sold out (and I hope that she is!)  just hit the contact link to ask her to list another one.  

Make a neck warmer, like mine.  Make a deep cowl.  Make a sweet pair if wrist warmers.  Leave the flounce off and make a warm head band to keep your ears warm while you play in the snow, or leave the flounce on and draw that end closed to make a delightful, lace-topped winter hat!  What can you do with this pattern?  The beauty is, it’s all up to you!


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  1. Hello Wendy!!!! I hope you are safe up north… And the cowl is da bomb really!!! What about the purse???

    Hi there! We soooo lucked out with this one. A lot of trees down all around this area, Milford, East Haven…all the shoreline communities…got hammered. Our little slice of Heaven came through like a trooper! No power outage, thankfully, and the river didn’t go ballistic. They lowered the two lakes above us as much as they legally could last week, so the river didn’t go over this time.

    GMa Ellen’s cowl pattern is amazing. Paired with Simply Soft, it fits like a cloud.
    Currently working on a sweater for my little grand niece, then back to that felted purse. Woo-Hoo! The purse is next!

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