I Launched A New Site!


I did it!  I finally launched my sister site, SchmoozelFracs!

In the beginning…there was Schmoozelfleugen.  I explained that somewhere, but I’ll go over it again, briefly.

It started with crayons….went to paint…went to yarn…went digital…

Schmoozelfleugen is how I explain my love of everything abstract.  Am I an Abstract Artist?  some would say…I just say, “I play with paint.”

And crayons…and yarn…and pixels…and soil and seeds, too!

SchmoozelFracs is all about the digital side of playing with paint.  I’ll confess in advance, a couple of the posts will be hand-drawn, but still abstract, still cool.

So, go on in and enjoy this work in progress!  I’ll still be posting here, of course.  NO way I’m putting my garden or my yarns aside.   SchmoozelFracs is just another facet…of a somewhat rough jewel.

I’m here:  http://schmoozelfracs.wordpress.com/

And I’m putting each gallery in seperate pages, accessible from the right hand side bar.

Have fun!  and thanks so much for looking!


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