The Ultimate Drop Spindle


I’m finally getting to posting this, my newest drop spindle from my favorite Etsy shop,  Spindle Me Right Round.

Remember the first double spindle I asked for?  I asked for, and very quickly received, Bill’s “primitive style” drop spindle, but with both ends notched, so that I could, finally, decide which end I prefer working from.  For those of you that may have missed that post, here it is, with pictures of that first great double-ended spindle:

I love that spindle, and I still use it.  It was a challenge, at first, to keep the roving on the hook, as the hooked ends were so smooth, so polished, the roving would often slip off.  I wrote to Deb and Bill, proprietors of Spindle Me Right Round, and ran an idea past them, asking for advice…would Bill hate me forever if I cut tiny “nitches” into the hooked ends, in line with the spindle, to help catch and keep the roving?  I sent pictures with all sorts of cool arrows and fonts to convey my thoughts, and they wrote back immediately to tell me that, No, of course Bill would not hate me forever, even sending advice along on what tool would be best to cut the little “nitches” into the hooked ends without stressing the shaft of the spindle.  I did that, using a fine coping saw blade.  I even raided my hardware drawer for a tiny brass hook, much like the ones that Bill uses.   The difference was immediate, the result hugely successful.

And I didn’t  kill the spindle!  

All excited, I took more pictures, detailing the cuts that I had made.  I took some “action” shots of the spindle doing its thing, from top and bottom.  The added brass hook did detract, just a little, from the primitive style of the spindle, but was so functional, I left it there.  Then, I wrote back to my new, VERY patient friends out there in Pennsylvania, and asked for another spindle, knowing that Bill would do a much finer job of it than I did.  I made my spindle functional, and didn’t kill it.  I knew that Bill would take the modifications we discussed, and make it beautiful.

Well, he did just that.  The new piece is the same weight, 2.4 ounces.  It’s a little longer, now fourteen inches.  It has the same perfect balance and ultra-smooth finish as all of the other beauties that I got from them, and it even has my cool little brass helper hook.  The brass helper hook does a great job of helping out, but the unit works just as well if I don’t use it.  If I were a purist, I would have been able to leave it off, and have a completely wooden piece.  So…purists rejoice!  You could go right to Spindle Me Right Round at Etsy and order an all-wood, beautifully handcrafted, double-ended drop spindle to spin your roving with!

Let’s get to the good stuff…the pictures!

Here’s my newest beauty.  Deb sends them out pre-loaded with leader wool, and roving to get you started with.

Look at these hooked ends.  Oh, the finish!  It’s smoooooth.  Here’s a nice detail of the top whorl end.


See how nice and deep and smooth that hook is?  The notch on the whorl itself is smooth, and deep enough to hold that roving in place.  NICE!

At the other end, you’ll see an identical hook, just as deep and smooth.  I think that Bill not only knows his wood, but loves it.  The care that he takes in making these pieces is impressive.


Sweet, isn’t it?  It handles like a deep-cut crochet hook!  At fourteen inches long, with that point to the bottom hook…I could not resist.  I worked a small swatch of Tunisian crochet with this spindle, using the whorl as a knob.  It was a little heavy, but it worked well.  Triple duty!!!!

Since I simply could not wait another minute, I loaded it up with some of the included roving, and started spinning.  I was able to drop the pre-loaded leader yarn, and start spinning right from the top, using the brass hook.  


Still spinning from the top, I spun a length of yarn, then brought it down to wind onto the spindle.  The hooks, and the notch in the whorl, held the roving and the spun yarn fast.  Beautiful.  The spin was absolutely smooth and balanced.


I kept spinning and winding, until the spindle was wound evenly to the bottom.  Where I would normally have to wind some yarn back up the spindle to hook back up, I was able to just hook right onto that bottom hook and keep right on spinning!


The spin was every bit as smooth and balanced from the bottom as it was from the top.


I spun and wound my way back up to the top, and wanted to see how it behaved without the use of the brass hook.  I hooked the roving into the top wooden hook and let fly.  Perfect!!!  The brass hook did not get in the way at all, and there was no loss of balance.


When I was done spinning for a time, storing the roving until later was a snap, and super-secure.  


With all those hooks, nothing slipped off to unravel.  

Deb and Bill even sent me a treat!  Bill had made some large crochet hooks for his daughter, and they had an extra.  They sent this to me, as a gift.   I haven’t measure it yet, but I’m putting it at about a size “S.”  That’s a BIG hook, perfect for rugs, blankets, and coats.  

It’s everything I’ve come to expect from Bill’s work.  Smooth, deep hook, fabulous finish, great balance.  I played with it some, using five strands of worsted weight yarn, and it flies.  


What a generous gift!

I can not thank these people enough for their patience and generosity.  I’ve bought several spindles from them so far, and I’m probably not finished.  

Seriously…if you like to spin wool by hand, you want one of these spindles.  Bill and Deb not only have a spot in my blog roll, they have a big click-through button on the right side of my page that will bring you straight into their Etsy shop, where you can hit the “request custom” link and ask for your own beautiful double-ended spindle, “like the one they made for Madamepoofter.”   Their prices are l-o-wwwwww.  Their shipping is free!

You won’t regret it!

Stay tuned!  I’ll be spinning up loads more wool with my spindles, and I’ll come back to show off a bit.

Oh, yeah!  Which end do I prefer to work from?    With this spindle, there’s never a need to choose!






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  1. And thanks to you and Bill for your kindness, your patience with my weird requests, and your never-ending generosity! I really want someone else to ask for and enjoy this spindle…hope this helps!

  2. Wendy, This is beautiful! Thank You for all your time posting these pictures and writing about Bill’s spindles. It has been a joy working with you! If you need anything please dont hesitate to ask. You are very talented! Thank You again, Deb

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