New Crochet Project In Progress




This is a sort of new crochet project, in that the piece is finished, but I’m dragging my heels on the felting.  Well, if some of you remember my washing machine, you’ll know why I’m dragging my feet…

I have been after a yarn bowl forever.  That’s a cool bowl, very often fashioned from ceramic, clay, wood, etc, with a cool groove and/or a hole to pass the yarn you’re working with through, and the bowl keeps the yarn from scattering all over the floor when you give it a yank.  Sure, there are plenty of yarn keepers out there, but…I really, really hate plastic, wanted an artsy-fartsy piece.  

Have you priced yarn bowls?  Yeesh!  Needless to say, it isn’t happening for a while…a long while.

Recently, I came across a pattern in my Knitpicks newsletter, for a yarn bowl.  Spotted it…wanted it!  Five bucks?  Mine!  I already had some inexpensive purchased wool for felting in my stash, all I needed was the pattern.  I was so excited when Knitpicks immediately e-mailed my pattern PDF!  I opened it right up, yarn and hook in hand, and… It’s knitted.

Huh!  I closed that PDF as quickly as I opened it.  I can plain knit a scarf, but that’s about it.  I can circular knit a piece…on my King size Addi knitting mill.  But follow shaping, even rudimentary shaping?  Heck, I can’t even decipher half of the abbreviations.

Couple of days later, I went back to the pattern.  I really want that damn yarn bowl.  So now, I’m reading, and thinking…this piece is almost completely done in straight knit, or straight purl.  I works off of a square base, done in rows, then on up into rounds.  I can do this!  I can CROCHET this!

And, I did.  It took a little trial and error at first, some trips back and forth to Google for the knit jargon, but I did it, and once I got started, it was easy to convert the pattern to crochet.  I did mine with two strands held together of worsted wool and a size K hook, all in single crochet.  If you’re interested in knitting and felting yourself a nifty yarn bowl, or converting this easy pattern to crochet, I found it here:

It’s a bowl.  It’s yarn!  

It’s a bowl made of yarn, for yarn.  It’s a yarn bowl.

It’s a yarn yarn bowl.

And that’s enough.  Here it is, before felting.


After it’s felted I need to add buttons on either side of the opening, which I’ll get to after I get more French knots into Santa’s head, and more stitches into my niece’s bag.  I’ll keep you posted…


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