The Walk From Obesity Is This Weekend!


My sister, Mary,  is doing her fund raising Walk From Obesity this Saturday!  If any of you out there can drop a couple of bucks into the kitty to help support these brave souls, it will be greatly appreciated.  

Some folks believe that bariatric surgery is taking the easy way out.  I’m here to tell you, it surely is not.  It’s the last way out.  This is a last-ditch effort to survive,  and it’s a total life changer. For these folks, bariatric surgery is the only way out of a life of  being crippled by morbid obesity, of being felled by heart disease, stroke, athsma, arthritis, or any of the myriad of obesity-related killers.  For these people, dieting never worked.  For whatever physiological reason they had, every calorie they took in multiplied…and sat. 

Mary had to undergo this surgery.  She had no choice.  At fifty years old, she was not looking at seeing fifty-five.  And she was, literally, crippled with it.

The walk is to help raise money for her local bariatric support group, for the very expensive things that become mandatory after such surgery…protein supplements, vitamins, special foods, even a little for clothing for when the “gettin’ skinny” part finally starts to happen.   This stuff all becomes absolute after surgery, especially those heavy-duty protein supplements.

Before Mary went for her surgery, she couldn’t walk one hundred feet without a cane.  

Now, she walks to help raise money for her bariatric support group, so that people in her group who need a little help, can get it.  

I know, from discussing this with Mary, that all of the proceeds raised from this walk go directly to the patients.  Griffin Hospital does not touch this money.  

Like most of us, I’m dead broke this week, and was only able to scrape up twenty five bucks.  It’s nice to know that every dime will be deeply appreciated, and used directly by the patients in her support group, to help provide them with necessities.  

So…you see that it doesn’t take much…got a couple bucks to toss in the Vitamin Fund?

If you do, just pop in here: and make your flat donation pledge.  

In advance…I can not thank you enough!

Mary…you’re my hero!  Walk it off, Girl!  Go, go go!!!!!



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