Cooooooooooool! Versatile Blogger Award!


I finally figured out how to respond to very generous nominations made on my behalf for the Versatile Blogger Award!  

I have been nominated before, by DaniellaJoe and Cate, and now, by ddLollyBabe.  I thank you all!  This is so special!

I also apologize to DanialleJoe and Cate, for not moving on this sooner.  Truth be told, I didn’t know how!  Then, of course, life, gardening and needlework had me taking several left turns, and I forgot all about it.  Sorry, Sweeties!!!!

So…what are the steps to accepting this award?  First, to thank the person or people that nominated you.  Thank you again, DanialleJoe, Cate and ddLollyBabe!

Next, I am to tell you seven things about myself.  Okay…I don’t necessarily like tooting my own horn, but I can come up with seven things.  Here goes!

1.  I’m 53 years old, and live in Connecticut

2.  I love my family!

3.  I’m the single mom of an incredible 32-year-old young man, who takes such good care of me, I can’t even describe it.

4.  I love crochet, weaving, crochet, some knitting, crochet… and anything having to do with yarn.  Did I mention I love crochet?

5.  The other Love of My Life is gardening.  While I do grow flowers, especially dahlias, I mostly grow vegetables.

6.  Until I met Mike Donnally, the Great Garden Guru, I could kill a plastic plant from Woolworth’s!

7.  Love to cook…hate to clean.

And now, to pass along this very generous nomination to fifteen exceptional bloggers.  their pages are all in my blog roll…stop in and say, “Hello!”

Crayons and Milk

Crochet spot



G-Ma Ellen’s Crochet corner

My Beautiful things

Rene Kirkpatrick

Swapping Howdies

Wolf Crochet

Cate @ Your Daily Dose of Fiber

Crochet With Raymond

Soulsby Farm

Town and Country Gardening

Nobody Said Easy, a bariatric surgery support blog

Hmmmm, coming up a little shy of fifteen.    As soon as I come across more, I’ll post them!

Thank you, again, to everyone that nominated my little slice of the Web!


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