Gyro-Gyro With Chauncey and Earl


I have always been a Diner waitress, by trade.  I’ve been doing it for somewhere between thirty five and…oh, about a hundred and twelve years now.  Being a Diner waitress means working with Greeks.

Greeks.  Are.  COOL.

Several years ago, one cook I worked with, whose nickname was Taso, had a cool saying, “Gyro-Gyro,”  (pronounced, “Yeero-Yeero”) meaning that time of the day where he would take a walk through his neighborhood in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, knocking on doors, saying, hello, visiting with and talking to his neighbors.   This was a custom that he brought from his home land, his village of Salonika, in Greece.  

We, of course, have the same sort of customs, calling this evening walk through our neighborhoods, “visiting,” or just “going for a walk.”  Whatever you call it, going through your neighborhood on a daily basis to wave to friends, perhaps to sit and chat for a minute, is a wonderful time of the day.  It’s the thing that cements small towns, or makes big towns more cozy.

Sadly, Taso has passed.   However, the memory of his love for going “Gyro-Gyro” will continue.  I was reminded of this special person when I brought my stuffies out into my neighborhood with my little cell phone camera, to take a walk through part of my garden, and the gardens of a couple of neighbors…to visit, to say hello, to bond over the plants…and to give Chauncey and Earl their very own garden walk-through.

Or, as they put it, their very own, “Uber-Cool Ultimately Awesome Garden Tour!”

I’m butting out now.  I’m turning the page over to my little heroes,  conversations and all.

Come on…take a little “Gyro-Gyro” with Chauncey and Earl!



Wasn’t that fun?  We still have yet to have a “Gyro-Gyro” through J.R’s garden, across the street, but we will, soon.

Aaaaand, since these pictures were taken, Chauncey and Earl welcomed a new little sister into the world, “Chooie!”  Chooie is a Chew Toy.  You see, Earl, much as he loved riding around in “Bug,” the dog’s,  mouth, can not go to live with Bug.  Earl has, “sharp things,” meaning, he has pins, needles, and little button eyes.  All of these things are a hazard to Bug, so Chooie came about, sans sharp things.  You will meet her very soon…as soon as we can get her out of Bug’s mouth, that is.  Doreen tells me that Bug carries chooie around, chases her, drops her into his bed at night to sleep next to her…the one thing that Bug does not do with Chooie…is chew.


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