New Custom Drop Spindle!


I was poking around at Etsy, looking at the drop spindles at Spindle Me Right Round again, thinking about a heavier bottom-whorl spindle than the one I already have…these people have made a collector of me!

Spindle Me right Round’s Etsy shop is here:

For future reference, they’re also in my Blogroll.

Still new at this, spinning thing, still unable to figure out if I prefer the whorl at the top of the spindle or at the bottom, I wondered on more than one occasion, what if there was a hook or notch or groove at both ends, to make something of a dual-use spindle?

Needless to say, poking around in Bill and Deb’s shop…yes, I have been back and forth in email enough with them to get to know these talented, generous people from Pennsylvania a little better…anyway, poking around, and when I spotted the “request custom item” in the left side bar, I hit it, and asked for a copy of their “primitive style” spindle (I have been ogling that primitive style since Day One…too cool.) but with the notches cut at both ends…and a notch in the whorl, too.

It didn’t take long!  I got my custom spindle yesterday, just a week later, and they even send a little guy as a gift!  

The little spindle is bottom-whorl, and weighs a little less than an ounce.  I’ll put it to work!  The double-hooked one is so beautiful, so smooth and balanced, I took some of the roving included with all of their spindles and went right to it.

As always, the spindle came pre-loaded with leader yarn, and starter roving.  Deb sent three balls of roving, in shades of pink, all of which will be spun for Kris’s bag.  I spun from the top, I spun from the bottom…I had a ball and I’m still going!

The primitive style makes keeping the roving on the spindle a challenge.  I overcame it with some practice, but…you might want to ask Bill about using a brass hook at one end and making a deeper groove at the other, should you want to go to their shop and order one of these incredible spindles.

And you should definitely go to their shop and order one of these spindles!!!!

I was starting to wonder if this was a one-of-a-kind tool.  I had not seen anything like it anywhere.  As it turns out, a company called , “Schacht” sells what they call a Hi-Lo spindle…grooved at one end, brass hook at the other, available in three weights.

It’s a nice spindle.  It’s also mass-produced, I don’t know where it’s made, and it’s more money, plus shipping.  I will be fair, shipping is reasonable.

Bill has the variations in weight covered.  All you have to do is ask.  His spindles are hand-made in Pennsylvania, include instructions and a starter ball of roving, and also include shipping.

The Schacht spindle is nice…but I’ll stick with Spindle Me Right round.  I mean…seriously…look at this gorgeous spindle!

I love it!  It’s a smooth, balanced, well-made, functional piece of art.



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  1. Wendy, Thank You so much the pictures you have put up of the spindles are fantastic! It was so nice of you to take the time to show and tell about Bill’s spindles. Greatly appreciated. It has been very nice working with you on the type of spindle you where looking for. Thank You for everything, Bill-Deb!

  2. I simply adore your blog! I didn’t really NEED to do dishes and laundry today…would much prefer to wander through your photos. You’re going right to my Blogroll!

  3. You are truly dedicated ang engaged – I admire that :), I still love the photo though, being an amateur in this ;)…!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Best, Vibeke

  4. The picture does not do this wonderful tool any justice. You should feel this piece. Smoooooth! I believe I’ll go for another like this…maybe ask for a little brass hook at one end, a bit of a groove in the hook at the other end, to help hold the roving. Just a little bit of a groove is all it would need to take holding the roving into the hook from a small challenge, to a breeze.

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