A Short Garden Update


I have been going around, tending my plants, taking a few snapshots here and there.  My little friends, Chauncey and Earl, are hamming it up, too, and are planning their own special garden tour!

For now, we’ll just do a quick update of a part of the garden, as well as some cool pics from neighboring spaces.  

I finally solved the Great Banana Plant Mystery!!!!  I thought those new leaves just burst from the center of the plant, and could not figure out how they grew to a length of a foot or more in a matter of a few short hours.  Mike kept this information to himself, of course.   That’s understandable, as he is a teacher, and he wanted me to enjoy learning it on my own.  

I sure did enjoy learning it on my own!  

It was Doreen, my neighbor, that spotted it.  We were chatting, watering the plant, discussing my loose plan to camp out and watch the plant to see how the leaf emerged, when she said, “Look at this!”

Ah-Haaaaa!  The leaf doesn’t emerge from the center of the plant!  It grows in the stem of the previously-emerged leaf, and bursts out, already a foot or better long! 

This picture was taken as soon as Doreen spotted the new leaf emerging from the stem.  By the same time the following evening, the new leaf, all rolled up, had burst from the stem.  Growth after this is incredible rapid.  

Mystery solved!  Now, we all come around to check the plant every Tuesday, as Senor Amigo gifts us with a leaf a week. 

Here’s a shot of Senor Amigo, with his friend, Bruce the frog.  Mike “Harumphed” at the drooping leaf on the left.  Said droopy leaf has been removed, and the plant is no longer expending large amounts of energy for a dying leaf.  

While I was watering, I spotted the something Mike has been asking about of late.  Senor Amigo has a BABY!

I screamed for Doreen, who came running over, probably figuring I had either hurt myself or lost my mind (either is always a possibility), and we cleared away the grass to welcome the little one to the world.

In giving this plant a name, I named it after my niece’s husband, Sergio.  The plant’s full name is Senor Sergio Amigo.  Sergio has a grown son, a Junior.  My nickname for them has always been, “Los Sergios.”  It works!  When I call out, “Los Sergios,” they both answer!  Now, I have a Junior Sergio growing here.  TOO cool!  It’s a fitting tribute.  They hail from Central America, like the plant, and they’re sweet guys.

Isn’t that a beautiful baby!  welcome to the world, Young Sergio! (Yes…Young Sergio.  He’s in his mid-twenties, no longer “Little,” or “Junior.”  My brother is a Junior.  We ditched the moniker,  “Little Eddie” when he outgrew my Dad.)

When we finally finished marveling at the new banana baby, we went on to the Butternut Squash, which is growing amazingly well.  I have several large, healthy squash on the vine, which is now about fifteen to twenty feet long.

The foam plates are under them to keep them off the ground, keep them from rotting.  I poked holes in the plates for drainage.

Doreen’s husband, Larry, questioned my choice of growing spots for this plant, as it is up against the side of the house, near the fill pipes for the oil tanks.  He wondered if the plant would grow at all, wondering how much oil had been spilled over the many years that this house has been here.  Well, I did amend the soil, and apparently, any oil that may or may not be in the ground didn’t make a difference.  The plant is huge, healthy, and producing great vegetables.  I’m not at all afraid to eat them, either.  

This little guy is Larry’s squash.  He named it, “Nuke.”

I don’t know if Larry will actually eat this particular squash, and I’ll make sure he gets a more appetizing one.  He might keep it as a decoration for a while.  I don’t know that I would be brave enough to eat it, wither.  The ones on the ground, yes.  But this one…I mean, the darn thing is growing on an oil pipe!  Cute little guy!

I strolled over to Doreen and Larry’s garden and took a couple of snaps.  Larry and Doreen are delightful, whimsical people (remember, they got married in a surprise camp site wedding?) and their garden reflects their eclectic taste.  this Hummingbird garden light changes colors.

Chauncey and Earl’s Great Garden Tour will share more of Larry and Doreen’s garden delights with you…as soon as they’re finished going around the neighborhood!

On to George and Barbara’s garden, for a sneaky shot of George’s sunflowers.  

George grows the most beautiful sunflowers and hibiscus!  Chauncey and Earl have more of George’s garden to show you, too, after they get around to the front of my garden for the tomatoes, string beans, eggplant and peppers, and into J.R’s garden, across the street.  

Stay tuned!  My stuffed friends are having a ball, going around the neighborhood, getting their pictures taken.  They really are little hams.  And they do love an adventure!

Uh-Oh!  I almost forgot my cool little yellow guys!  I love these little black-eyed daises.  I didn’t plant these.  The lady that lived here before I moved in did.  I won’t ever part with them!





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  1. Thanks so much! Chauncey and Earl have a baby sister! Her name is Chooie, and she is a chew toy, for Bug, my neighbor’s very sweet dog. Watch for the post!

  2. I love the veggies, they are soo healthy looking Wendy. The banana plant is thriving, you are a great “mom” and say hi to Chauncey and all the others, :-)

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