New Wool Colors, An Older Project, and Kool-Aid Armageddon


New Colors!

I been yarnin’!

I finally picked up my sister’s crocheted Santa Claus doll, which has been sitting since my eyes went berserk with the diabetes. Now the sugar is under control (I been behavin’!) and my eyes have healed some, I got some new specs, and I can finally see what I’m doing. I was able to get back to Santa, and continue putting all those little French knots into his mustache and beard.

Now, don’t think I’ve stopped working on the free-form bag! I have not stopped. In fact, I have spun and dyed more wool. I spun first this time, then dyed the spun skeins, with awesome results.

Still using Kool-Aid, I did another hank of ice blue,

 a beautiful hank of pink lemonade,

and…remember I said my niece isn’t a fan of green, but that the piece was already asking for it?  Even Kris will love this lemon-lime!


I had the last few ounces of roving, and a bunch of Kool-Aid packets. I want color…stripes…mottled…I want Schmoozelfleugen.

So, I took the video directions I found here: , half of the left over roving, and went for it.  For this one, I’m dyeing the roving.  I’ll draft and spin the dyed roving, which should give some seriously kickin’ results.

I got my roving soaking in the sink in cold water and a splash of white vinegar

 and I set out all my dyes, with their little labels so I would know what I was  dipping into. 


 I am so lovin’ that mixed berry blue! These are about eight ounce cups, and each cup had one packet of Kool-Aid, and a teaspoon or so of vinegar.

I let the water out of the sink, and gently squeezed the water out of the roving, then looped it all over the plastic-wrapped counter top in a serpentine.   I set my dye cups where I could reach them easily. 

I took up an old syringe, sans needle, kept a couple of spoons handy, and went to work.

The syringe, made for insulin, was way too small.  So, I grabbed up a spoon, which was still too small.  Wait! The turkey baster! 

The turkey baster worked like magic! I was laying on wide bands of bold colors, thinking, this was going to be soooo cool.

The results were a total disaster.

I had built paper towel bumpers around my roving.  I had picked up the edges of my plastic warp and made little edge wells, should the liquid escape the paper towel bumpers.

“It” still hit the fan. The liquid escaped the bumpers.  Then, the liquid escaped the little bumper wells. The dyes rolled off the counter, being funneled by the edge wells, onto…everything in their path.
Dribbledribble…  All over the counter.  Splat!  All over the floor.   Splat!  All over the floor on the other side! 

Splat!  Dribbledribble….Ugh!

Not to mention that the dyes,  mixing in a leaking puddle beneath my precious roving, were becoming a dusty purple mottled mess.

I have never felt so justified in my absolute refusal to throw out a towel.  I will not throw out a towel, unless it’s down to its last three threads and will no longer hold even an ounce of water.  Towels become rags, until they die…really dead.

Now I have a really big, really dead, rag. (Well, maybe not really dead. I’ll use a horribly stained rag!)

I picked up  my “Kool-Aid Armageddon,” and drained  all the liquid into the sink, cleaned up the mess, and stared at it….now what?

Thankfully, the roving hadn’t had enough time to absorb the colors, only a few splotches of grape. It was still wet, still had plenty of vinegar…so I went back to my Kool-Aid packets, and opened up fresh ones, then sprinkled them in bands and swirls, all over the wet roving. I wrapped this into the still-wet plastic warp, rolled it up, dropped it into a microwave-safe dish (a DEEP one) and nuked it for five minutes. I turned this package over (HOT!!!!) and nuked it for another two minutes.

It worked!  After I let it thoroughly cool, I unwrapped my roving package…much trepidation here…and rinsed it out in cool water.  I did get some dye running, so I soaked it in cold water and a hefty splash of vinegar for an hour, to further set the colors.  I rinsed it again, gently squeezed out the water, and brought it outside to inspect it.  Mess or Masterpiece?

Both, I’m happy to report!  I have clearly defined bands of bold colors, as well as swirls, and blotches.  It’s what I was hoping for.  

It looks funky now, but it should spin into something really cool.  I’ll keep you posted.

I still have a length of roving left.  Since this is an awful lot of red, I will use mostly blue and green for the next one…and I’ll use the less messy sprinkle method for it, too.  After that liquid dye debacle, I’m almost out of bleach!

Stay tuned….


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  1. Thank you! Deb and Bill sent three starter balls of roving with the new spindle, and I spun a “magic ball.” One shade right into the next, some cool candy striping…next, it’s on to the roving I did with Kool Aid mix, all multi colored. That should spin up special.

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