New Fractal TOY!


This is too cool.  I stumbled across a new fractal toy called, “Mandelbulb 3D.”  Of course, I had to have it.  I have try any fractal generating program!  

This one gegerates 3D fractal images, movies (have not broached that feature yet) in a huge array of colors and formulas.  The Math is staggering.  I don’t even try to understand it.  It has what I need…mouse  click manipulation, and that all-important UNDO button.  Oh, and the best part?  It’s free.

The more I poke at it, the more I learn.  Feel free to grab this test image!


It reminds me of a European chapel ceiling.  And this one, reminded me of mushrooms.


Pretty easy to tell I really like this orange sunset-like coloring gradient, yes?  My favorite function, aside from the Undo button, is the zoom feature.  Zoom in the whole thing, or draw a selection and zoom in on just a piece of the image you find particularly cool.

Like the fracs?  Want the program?  You can get it here:;sa=view;down=43 … there are video tutorials up on you tube that I will get to checking out eventually (I’m supposed to be grocery shopping right now) and fractal forums all around the web, too.  Just beseech The Gods of Google!  As the download link will tell you, a great forum for learning and sharing your fractals is .

Go get yourself a cool new toy, and play!

See you soon, with more of that new felted crochet bag…



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  1. I think black will be the best choice. I have started a granny blanket too and yes I’m going to use lots of black too and my favorite color…

  2. Mmmmmm…sweet! I believe Red Heart has a lot of the colors in the second fractal. Add Claret red and a deep earthy brown…oh, yeah! My Muse in bombarding me with possibilities now. Muse and I agree…this should be Grannies. I like a black border around all my grannies…would you use black for these colors, or charcoal?

  3. Hello Wendy, those are really nice warm colors. It would be nice if you could make a huge granny squares blanket with those colors….

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