A Bit about Spindles


A Bit About Spindles

I started the little crocheted, will-be-felted bag for my niece, and took a bunch of pictures. I’m readying the post, which is turning into a beginner’s guide to freeform.  Wordy, but…well, why not, right?  I tend to ramble….

Somewhere out there, someone wants to try their hand at freeform crochet, or try their hand at dyeing and spinning, and hopefully, the next post will help.

In the meantime, I’m scampering off to spin and dye more of that yummy ice blue yarn, and I got a new spindle!

At the risk of turning this post into an advertisement…I really don’t care if it does, to be honest…I found a fabulous Etsy seller, offering beautiful, hand-made wooden spindles at a great price.

This little beauty was the first I ordered, a 1 oz. bottom-whorl spindle, for beginners.  The end with the little brass hook always faces up, holding the yarn in place while the whorl spins and does the work.

For seven bucks (prices are rounded) I very quickly received my spindle, already loaded with  “leader” yarn, instructions, and a ball of wool roving to get me started. (I loaded another leader here so you can see how this type of spindle loads.)  

The instructions are clearly written so that I, a total newbie at this, could easily understand them, and start spinning. I spun all of the yarns you’ve seen in previous posts with this little spindle.

I went right back to this seller and ordered another spindle. This time, I ordered, and very quickly received, a top-whorl spindle, at a little more than twice the weight of the first. It’s gorgeous. Smooth, solidly built, incredibly well-balanced…and for a paltry twelve bucks, I again received the spindle, instructions and a little ball of starter roving. This top-whorl spindle even has a handy notch cut into the disc, to help keep the yarn from slipping. All I had to do was specify that I wanted the notch when I ordered. NEAT! Here it is, with the purple roving still on it that I spun as soon as I got it. 

Spindle Me Right Round’s Etsy page is in my links section. I can’t gush enough about the quality and simple beauty of these spindles, except to say…and here’s the kicker…they ship free. 

I’ve looked, and there are some really beautiful spindles out there, real collector’s items. I might start a little collection some day, but for now, for a solidly hand-made, beautifully finished spindle, at a great price, with free shipping and everything you need to get started, I can honestly say that this is the place to go.

Now, the question, Top or bottom whorl, which do I prefer? I still don’t know. I love both of these spindles. Now I can spin two colors at once! That’s good, because, despite my niece’s confessing to me that she’s “not a fan” of green, this piece is already telling me it wants a little green here and there. Just a little…sorry, Kris! I have some lemon-lime Kool Aid, and I know how to use it!

And it’s all her mother’s fault, anyway. Today’s comic relief story is brought to you by…Liz, my sister-in-law, and Kris’s mom.

Kris’s little felted purse will have at least one green element, a crocheted and felted green peace sign. Years ago, when Kris was just a little baby, we were out and about…my brother, sister in law, my son, who was about six at the time, and my niece. I was in the back seat of the car with the kids, and Liz was right in front of me…not a good place to be if you decide to toss a candy wrapper out the window. Smack! I whacked her up the back of her head and laid into her about the litter. My brother pulled over so she could exit the car (and get away from my rant) to go and get the litter.

My brother, who was about falling out of the car in hysterical laughter, cracked, “You have GOT to know better that to pull a stunt lke that with Ms Green Peace around!”

Ever since then, I sign, or stitch, or sew, or just gift tag, everything I make with this element. Be it a painting, a toy, a piece of clothing…somewhere on the piece, or stuffed into the piece, or on the gift tag…somewhere, there is a green peace sign.

Better get to spinning…but first! My garden is thirsty.

And that’s a whole ‘nother post…

See you soon!


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