Back To The Garden


With all the talking about wool, yearn, stitching, etc, it seems like I have been neglecting my veggie patch!

I promise, I have not been neglecting it…it’s been out there, growing at an alarming rate, producing some cool veggies.  I’ve even been able to harvest a few fruits!

Today, finally grabbed my trust cell phone camera, and got a few shots squeezed off before the battery went dead.

First stop was the corn.  I have ears!  I peeked…yes, have kernels, but no, not ripe yet.  Soon!  As Mike explained, the reason corn is planted in fields is because the pollen is wind-driven, and the necessary breezes are what carry the pollen from the tassels to the waiting corn silks.  I have only this experimental bucket happening on the patio, so…I knock their heads together when I see pollen hanging.  I reach up, pull some off, and manually drop it into the waiting silks.  It’s working!  I have corn. 


Next stop was the baby blueberry bushes.  What sweet little berry producers they’re turning out to be!  These little year-lings have probably out up a pint of fruit so far, something I did not expect them to do this season.  That little guy on your right is actually staked with a bamboo and yarn cage, because the fruit started outweighing the bush.  


Now, here’s a Winter squash, a very happy Butternut.  I’ve had to start training it to run along its mulched patch, because it’s started climbing the foundation of the house next door…special thanks to Larry and Doreen for letting me grab that space right under their apartment windows for my blueberries and squash!  It started to take a right, and go into the parking lot, and also started to run into my driveway.  I’m thinking short stakes and some guide roping thing from twine, something for the runners to grab onto, that might keep it more or less on the straight and narrow.  I’ll train it as much as I can, to go down and around the blueberries.


And finally, for today, anyway, Senor Amigo…my banana.  What a plant!!!  You have to see this.  It’s surging a leaf a week now.  I’ll say surging instead of sprouting, because that’s exactly what the new leaves do.  They’re not there, and then, they are!  They go from Nada to WOW, producing a new, rolled up leaf about a foot and a half long in a matter of a few short hours.  Poof!  Senor Amigo is having a spa day today, with the help of Bruce the Frog.  It’s hot out there, and he likes his water and humidity.  He is, after all, a rain forest type of guy.  Bruce does not mind holding the mister on his head.  He likes that cooling mist, too!

The leaf closest to you, the tallest one, is brand new.  It was not there three days ago.  

And…the pole…MY KINGDOM for my crappy cell phone camera when I spotted this one…That thin bamboo pole you see there was courtesy of Neighbor Larry.  I went out to my plant a couple of weeks ago, and was momentarily confused to find a banana.  Fruit on a year-ling tree???  No.  A banana tied to the bamboo pole, resting against the tree.  By the time I saw it the next day, it was falling off the pole, so I didn’t get a shot of it.

Ha!  I absolutely adore my neighbors!  



Tomorrow, we’ll see about going out front, into the thick…and I do mean thick!  Stay tuned!


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  1. This really is a pretty good camera. I got The Bargain Of The Year at Sprint with this phone…touch, apps, 4G, GREAT camera, does video, the whole bit, marked way, way down at the time. Introductory price! Sure, I would love to have a high-res SLR body digital camera, but at almost a thousand bucks for the camera of my dreams, this cell phone does the job just fine.
    I might have fruit next season. Right now, the plant is shucking its old trunk “wrapping,” and the trunk beneath the old, papery bark is green, clean, and feels like polished glass or marble. Amazing! It’s a pleasure to watch it grow.

  2. I think the cell phone camera takes absolutely cristal clear pics. The banana tree is triving and healthy looking, you will have fruit in no time….

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