Lovin’ The Blues


Well, I finally got all my roving dyed. I have plenty of the natural white left over, too, just in case I need more color.

I got my little wooden drop spinner in the mail, too, and it’s WAY neat! I have a bunch of the stuff spun, still working on it. I’ll post the spun yarn skeins when I have them all done.

Here’s a hank of roving, dyed with Kool aid, Lemonade. Pretty! The one next to it was midnight blue, a bit too dark, and I have a lot of dark blue. So…I dunked it again, over dyed it with several packets of assorted red Kool Aid colors. I got a nice, deep purple!

These other guys…not sure about these purples at all. I rather like the way the lighter one is spinning up, but I might over dye the other one with some purple Rit dye. Maybe I’ll use Kool Aid reds, try for a red violet thing.  I’ll see hoe it looks spun, and keep you posted. The rest came out well!  I really love that black cherry, and the ice blue raspberry lemonade is fabulous. So bright!  The dark blues, I did with rit.  I did not pre soak the roving, so it took the dye up in a beautiful tonal effect.  The second one from the left, a light tie dye.  I couldn’t resist!


I have one skein that I spun in the natural white, then dyed the spun yarn with orange Kool Aid. It’s gorgeous. You’ll see it next time. And that brings me around to what I learned so far.

I handled the roving very carefully, but it still felted just a tad during the dyeing process. That makes the “drafting” process a bit more of a challenge. Pulling the fibers when they’re in their natural state, out into a workable thickness for spinning, is a lot easier. So, in the future, I’ll spin the yarn, then dye it.

Stay tuned! I’m still spinning away, and will have the skeins up very soon. Once the dyeing and spinning are done, it’ll be a piece of cake to stitch that small envelope bag, in free form.
That’s when the real fun starts!




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  1. Not my first time dyeing, I have dyed purchased wool yarns before, with Kool Aid, in the microwave. It is, however, my first time spinning, and dyeing the roving before it was spun.
    I did this with one skein…spun the natural roving, then dyed the spun hank with orange Kool Aid, and it came out SWEET! I’ll stick to that in the future.

  2. Long, yes. sort of…Involved? again, somewhat. You have to be careful if you’re dying the roving. I found that it felted a little, no matter how careful I was with it. That made the “drafting” process a little more challenging, but not too bad.
    Spinning? Once I (surprisingly quickly) got the hang of spinning that dowel, the spinning went pretty fast! I spin in front of the TV before bed time. I do not have a spinning wheel…(Some day!) I have a bottom whorl drop spindle.
    I’m on my last length of roving, spinning…will post the finished hanks with the links to the really great video tutorials I found for spinning on a drop spinner.
    It’s FUN!!!!!

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