I Need Blue Kool Aid!


Recently, my niece asked me if I could crochet a small bag or purse for her.  Now, given that my niece never asks for anything for herself, I jumped at the chance.  We put our heads together, and all she wants is a small envelope purse, maybe six inches square, with a long shoulder strap.  Purple and blue, maybe a snappy red for the shoulder strap.  Easy-peasy!  I can get that done in a day!

Then, she mentioned felting.  She had seen a couple pieces of my felted wool, and a felted hat that I had made, and loves the effect. Would that be possible?

Okay…maybe not quite as easy-peasy. Sure I can make a felted bag for her! All I have for feltable wool, however, is black, brown, gray…ugh. If she wants her colors, she’ll have to go with a regular crocheted bag, lined with fabric…probably denim.

I thought about it, she thought about it…she really wants that felted bag, and was ready to give up on her colors to get it.

I, however, am not. As I said, she never asks for anything for herself, ever.  I want this felted bag for her.  I want it in her colors.  I want it cool, funky, fun, and original.  I want for her to have a show stopper.  Textures.  Popcorns.  Big funky hand-made button to close it.  And I have until the end of the month, her birthday, to achieve this project.

So! My sister in law are off today, to a friend’s farm, where there are sheep. Wooly sheep, Alpaca, even a Llama!  We’re off, to buy a pound of wool roving.  I’ll split it…two ounces to be dyed red, the rest to be dyed in purple and blue.  Kool Aid is an amazing wool dye.

I ordered a drop spinner to make yarn with, and I’ll learn how to spin the yarn.  It’s already shipped.  If it isn’t here by the time the dyed roving dries, I’ll make one.

Once that’s all done, the raw materials dyed and dried, the dyed roving spun into yarn, it should take no more than two days to crochet a small purse…and that’s taking into consideration tearing things out because it just isn’t funky enough. Felting will only take a day.

Come Hell or high water, this young woman who never asks for anything for herself will have her funky felted purse for her birthday.

All I need now is blue Kool Aid.

I’ll keep you posted…


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