Got My Blue Kool Aid!


Well! I have great news. I got my roving…and my blue Kool Aid.

The roving is too cool.  It’s a big ol’ ball of soft, creamy-white wool from a local farmer, and a local sheep named, Abigail.

I’ll be contacting Hubbel Farm later on to gently steer Lynn toward Etsy for selling her yarns, roving, and wool batts.   Lynn spins some pretty amazing art yarns!  I’ll be gently steering her toward Yarn Market, too.

IF you’re interested in buying some of Lynn’s cool woolies, you’ll see an email address here on the label.  Just write to her.  This is a very high quality roving.  Ask her to send you some pictures and prices, shipping rates, etc.  She’s a really nice woman, very easy to talk to.

As you can see here, the price on the roving was not bad at all!  The discount for the bulk makes it all that much sweeter.

Natural wool roving, discounted pricing, local farmer/artisan…it just doesn’t get better than this.

I have all my colors…I’ll mix and match, make a few shades of blue, a dark and light purple, and a couple-few reds to spark things up a bit.  I’ll leave an ounce or so white.  Then, off to the spinner!

Now, off to boil some water, break up this big ol’ ball of roving, and make Sweet Abigail’s generous gift shine!

Stay tuned…


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  1. Nice!!!! I will be following…. Can you post the tutorial??? I want to post it on my blog….:-)

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