My Oldest Fractal Friends, Merwin and Nerwin…All of Them.


I recently received a compliment on my Gravitar.  Thanks, Pobept!

Allow me to introduce you to two of my oldest fractal friends, Merwin and Nerwin.  All of them.

That’s right, they all have the same name.

And, they’re cousins!

Sadly, Merwin and Nerwin came about before I knew enough about Fractal Explorer to know about saving spot files, and rendering “of a size.”  It’s a shame, really, because I would dearly love to have these guys hanging on my wall as big posters.

I still love these guys.  If you thought Chauncey and Earl were mischief makers, you have not met these cousins!  

They’re completely harmless, of course.  They just wander about, all day, asking for stuff.  They’ll stick themselves to the side of your house, endlessly asking for stuff, if you’ll let them.  Of course, actually giving them stuff will bring them back, again and again.

They’re harmless…and mindless.

Merwin…all of them…wander about all day, asking for cake.  They love cake, all flavors, all sizes, frosted or not.  They especially love Twinkies, because Twinkies are little, stuffed cakes.  They have a habit of showing up at birthday parties.

Their manners?  Atrocious.  Just appalling.  They have yet to learn the word, “Please.”   


“We are Merwin.  We want cake.” 



But…they’re cool, they’re harmless, and they’re mindless, so we put up with it…and toss them more than their fair share of Twinkies.


Now, Nerwin…all of them…have slightly better manners, in that they at least ask, rather then just state their needs.  They have yet to learn, “Please,” as well, but they do, at least, ask.

Their tastes are substantially more discriminating.


“We are Nerwin.  Have you  Baklava and shrimp toast?”


Tall order, compared to Twinkies!  

So…Now you’ve met my two oldest fractal friends, Merwin and Nerwin…all of them.  Some day, I will introduce you to a rather large, interesting fractal family, the Sillimonsters.  

You’re gonna love Uncle Claude…. 







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  2. This one does take nice pics, and it does more than a camera. Can’t make a phone call, bank online, or play Angry Birds on a camera!
    I wonder if Lulu Press does pop up books….

  3. First book gets self-published, print on demand, from Lulu. My own photos, from my little crappy cell phone…and I might run them through some “cartooning” software.

  4. They are cute….you need to write a children book of manners for nerwin and all of them :-)

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