Wow, It’s July Already!


Jeepers!  July first already?  I almost feel like the snow is lurking out there, waiting to bury us.

Finally!  I got everything planted.  All of it.  Now, hopefully, there will be enough warm to make everything grow.  The tomatoes look good, setting flowers and fruit.

Here’s just part of it, just what’s out front…a bird’s eye view! 

 These are the same plants, just a different view.  That big one in the back is going to get pretty huge, pretty quick.  It’ll outgrow that six-foot bamboo pole soon.


 This is my “Big Guy, a pink Brandywine.  I had better get to the big stakes…now.


Let’s not forget the topsy-turvy plants!  This is one Orange sunshine, a sweet orange cherry tomato.  Yum!


The Carolina Golds are coming along swimmingly, with thick, sturdy trunks and plenty of flowers starting to show up.

The bush string beans I planted are loaded with goodies.

 I found two more little volunteers, transplanted them into an unused bucket among the Dahlias.  I don’t know what they will be, but that’s the coolness.  It’s like a present!  Looks like there’s a winter squash in there, too…Acorn?  Candy Roaster?  No clue, I thought the bucket was empty.  The squash is healthy, so I’ll let it grow.


Eggplant is setting more flowers, and I even spotted a baby egg!  That’s always a pleasure.  This is another “surprise plant.”  I bought a “Stars and Stripes Hybrid Blend,”  thinking that it was a hybrid.   Well, heck, “Hybrid” is right there in the name.  Turns out I should have paid more attention to the word, “Blend.”  Anyway, this is a blend of seeds from three varieties, from purple to striped to white.  Know what?  I’ll take it!  These plants are so healthy, I’ll probably order it again.  The only downside is, you simply do not know what you’re planting…so you plant them all.  That’s fine with me.  None of it will go to waste.  This one looks like one of the purple stripes…we’ll find out!


I finally have all of the hot peppers in the containers, in the ground, all over the place.  Here are the Scorpions.  Seriously HOT peppers.  I hope I have enough season left to bring these to fruit.  If not…I’ll bring them in!


The corn is doing…something.  I’ve never grown corn before.  I think this is where I’m supposed to start knocking their heads together to see that they get pollinated…I think.  


My Graffiti cauliflower is finally forming heads!  This purple is just too cool.  And get this…it stays purple when you cook it!

 The two cheddar heads that are furthest along have to get harvested, as the sun is starting to brown them out.  Supper!

 And finally, I’m so excited!  My banana plant has yet another leaf!!  Yesterday…just yesterday, it had the one leaf.  today, a new one sprouted, and it’s about six inches or better long.  all curled up, but it won’t take long.  I say sprout…what it really did was Sproing!  

 I don’t know what that browning on the other leaf is all about, I have a panic email to Mike about that.  Might be just getting too much direct sun?   Just in case that damage is really burning, I set up the little fog mister to keep the leaf wet during the hottest time of the day to keep it cool and hydrated.   

If it’s a fungus or some sort of disease, I’ll deal with it.  Whatever this is, it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse.



  Stay tuned!



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  1. Hello Farmer Wendy, my goodness you have a green thumb, lol!!! everything looks sooo healthy and organically delicioso, enjoy!!!!!
    Please check out my post and if you have a clue leave a comment, lol!!!

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