The Garlic Is Coming! The Garlic Is Coming!


Does anyone remember my science experiment, from last November?  I bought a bag of grocery-store garlic bulbs for making garlic bread, and decided to plant one of them.  I broke up all the little cloves, picked out eighteen really good ones, and planted them.  They grew, inside, over the winter, in their container, along with the broccoli and, of course, Reggie.  

Well.  Yesterday, while I was diligently, and finally, setting tomato seedlings into topsy-turvy planters (no, I didn’t get them all) I noticed that, not only were the garlics browning out at the bottom, and at the top, they were starting to look a little…tippy.

The garlic was simply (and silently) telling me that they wanted out of their digs.

So…I dug one up, to check, and sure enough, I had a large, perfectly-formed bulb of garlic, on a nice, thick stem. 


With the next one, I learned that you should never try to pull up garlic.  The bulb snapped off in the soil, and I had to dig anyway.  That’s okay!  I don’t plan on long-storing this stuff.  I’ll let it dry out, then it’s going into the grinder with canola, for garlic paste.  I do plan to share some, of course!

Another thing I learned…next time, I’ll plant less.  This container had eighteen “toes” of garlic planted, and eighteen bulbs came up.  Some, however, are very small.  Next time, I’ll give them more room.

Now all I have to do is find a dry, well-ventilated room to dry them in, away from direct sunlight.

The garage!

I’m happy.  I’m considering my science experiment a success.  I have mostly large, perfectly-formed garlic bulbs, and they smell like Heaven!


Now, to show off the two newest additions to my little garden, both Roma tomatoes.


One of my summer squash planters…I think this is the Flying saucer planter.


And flowers, flowers, flowers!

The eggplant has started to flower,


And the Gold Bar melon,

And the watermelon, too!

The tomatoes are starting to flower, as well, and my Hybrid Honey Bunch is starting to set little baby fruit. 

All in all, aside from some good rain today, and getting wet out there playing with the garlic, it’s a good day in the garden!  No setting tomato or pepper seedlings today, as it’s a bit of a mud hole out there at the moment.  BUT…tomorrow is another day!

Stay tuned!  Next photos, I’ll include my “Stick.”





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I'm just simple gal who loves loves cartoons, gardening, hockey, writing, painting, doodling, crocheting, anything else that involves yarn, hanging with family and friends, laughter, and running with scissors.

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  1. Oh, I have some kickin’ veggies going this year. My usual summer squash, plus three varieties of winter squash, several varieties of tomatoes and hot peppers, scallions, melons…it’s fun!

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