Sculpey Hooks and Chauncey’s New Little Brother!


I love crochet!  I love making toys, especially.  Such darling little personalities. 

I love crochet hooks.  I collect them like crazy.  Some day, I’ll show them off a bit.  Lately, my hands get tired, so…I really need to have fatigue handles on my hooks.  I have a wonderful set of Susan Bates aluminum hooks with bamboo handles, and they are the ones I reach for, time and time again.  Sometimes, though, you like to mix things up, you know?  Plus, I have a bunch of hooks without handles…so I made some.   

I used Sculpey eraser maker clay, the kind you fashion into 3D shapes, then bake, to make play erasers.  They really make crappy erasers…but they make wonderful crochet hook handles!  Just a shade softer than regular Sculpey baking clay, and plenty colorful.  The eraser clay is a lot softer, too, and easier to work with.  I had handles finished and going into the oven in less than an hour, and I really took my time and played with the clay.  

I got my hooks settled into a glass baking dish, and baked them according to directions.  The directions call for something like twenty minutes per 1/4 inch thickness of the finished piece.  My hooks had just about 1/4 inch around each hook, so I have them twenty minutes, at 225 degrees, Farenheight.

They came out perfect!


From the left, the first two are steel hooks, sizes 00 and 0.  From there, we start at aluminum hooks, sizes B-K (with the D hook missing).  The big blue one is a J hook, which used to be a double ended hook, and the last three on the right are special hooks for making bullion stitches.  

Now, onto the newest member of my little crochet family!  

Remember Chauncey Feets, mt resident “Peen-Kooshin?”  All he wanted was a little brother.  Well, finally…has it been two weeks already?  Finally, Chauncey got his little brother.  

And, as per Reggie Parsley’s promise, he even got to pick out the colors.

It was…a challenge.

He hopped all over my yarn stash, and, of course, he absolutely loooooved and had to have…every color he hit on.  We agreed on a bright yellow for his new little brother, then went a little nuts picking colors from there.

He liked the blue…



 And the Red…



 And yet another shade of blue…


 And the Mexicana print and the orange!


 You know he had to have purple….


You know, of course, that he wanted new feets to match his little brother’s feets.  He went with the light blue.  What can I say?   Little guy’s got a thing for blue!

Chauncey Feets finally has his darling little brother.  He sports his very own “Ahm-pee Memmie” safety pin loop, just like his big brother.  And, Chauncey insisted that he have dreads, “just like Reggie!”  He keeps his dreads in little buns…and sticks pins in them.  They have been inseparable, watching the TV, where they learn entirely too much.  They love hockey.  Ready for this?  They want to know if I can make them sticks and pucks.  I’ll look into that.

Chauncey loves his new, matching “feets.”


They have been all through the garden.  First stop?  Reggie and the Garlics, of course!

The Garlics did their weird humming thing, and our new little guy got his name.


Welcome to the family, Earl!!!!!


Stay tuned for their latest garden adventure…it was a gas!











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