One Hundred and Forty Nine Pounds


She did it!!!!!  My sister broke 300.  

Now, for those of you scrawny-malinks out there who don’t get the massive gravity of being under 300 pounds, here’s “the skinny.”

 Mary started out less than a year ago, at 447 pounds.  Her initial goal was “to see fifty.”  Fifty, being get to fifty years of age without suffering a fatal hearty attack.  

Goal one:  Achieved!  Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

Goal two was “to break 300 pounds.”

Mission Accomplished!!!!  She weighed in this morning at 298.  She has lost, to date, 149 pounds.

Look at it again…


For those of you who still don’t get it, or think, it should never have gotten to that point…she’s been battling weight all her life.  All of it.  She’s tall, almost six feet, and has not weighed less than 300 pounds since High School.  

Her next goal is to lose another pound or two, get her total weight loss to 150 pounds.

 After that, the sky is her limit!

She has suffered.  She has sacrificed.  She had to have not one, but two surgeries to accomplish this.  For those of you who think that gastric bypass is “taking the easy way out,”  think again.  Do the research.  I’m not a candidate for gastric bypass, because I can not see myself making the life-changing sacrifices necessary to make it work.  

Mary, I am so proud of you right now, I had to stop, and breathe, and wipe my eyes.

Keep up the amazing work, Baby Sis!

You are my hero!!!! 

Drinks are on me today! 





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  1. Wow! Thats fantastic news. Congratulations Mary x i cant imagine how hard its been but you have obviously worked so hard to achieve this, your very inspirational and i am sure it will continue xx

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