Blankets For My Plant Babies


You just gotta love March in Connecticut.  It was hitting eighty degrees the day before yesterday, and tonight, into the twenties with “hard freeze” advisories up.  I do love me my Connecticut weather!

It’s never boring.

Question is, what to do about all of those “cool weather” crops I started?  

I have spinach, all up and growing, in window boxes all along the back ridge of my garage.  Great sun, but no wind protection.  

I have radishes up, fixing to freeze,

and the garlic container is out there, learning a hard lesson about “hardening off.”  

I have six containers with tiny baby cauliflower seedlings, and two more in the ground.


And my beloved Reggie is out there, waiting freeze solid and blow up.


What’s a mother to do?   Warp the babies in bubble wrap and bed sheets, of course!

First…Reggie came Inside.


Next, I wrapped the garlic container in bubble wrap and closed it off at the top.   I know, from last September’s eggplant, that the sun will hit this bubble wrap in the morning and make these garlic guys say, “Ahhhhhh…..”



Now, what to do with the radish containers?  More bubble wrap, another bed sheet, got them all tucked in for the cold night.


Looking at the spinach…I was thinking about dropping all of the boxes down below the roof line, on to the ground, and wrapping them up.  OK…they needed water first, so I gave them a drink and went to do something with one of the raised beds. 

I had two raised beds last season.  this season, I put one on top of the other and made it double deep.  Roots like that.  I’ve been working with that one, and had added what came to be way too much sheep poop and hay.  So, scooping out excess hay, leaving the poop intact, and saw a poof.  Poof?  What is this poof?  Stirred it again, saw another poof.  Smoke????  

Steam!  The poop was under too much hay, building heat, and when I exposed it to the cold air, I got a little poof of steam.

Question answered!  I scooped up all of the spinach boxes and lined them up in the raised bed.

For tonight, I’m calling it the poopie bed.

Now, I still have another, somewhat smaller bed that I just built, but hadn’t gotten around to making the second layer.  I dropped that on top so that the boxes are completely surrounded by wood, dropped the last two boxes of spinach into the garden cart (filled with the excess hay) and covered the whole thing with bubble wrap and a bed sheet.  Now, not only are they covered and protected from the wind, they’re sitting in a hot box…I think.

As for the cauliflower, all of the containers are sitting in my basement up against my hot water heater, and the two in the ground are wrapped and covered.  


 My babies are nestled all snug in their beds.

March in Connecticut….bring it! 





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  1. How can I describe this? It’s shaped sort of like a cucumber, but…fat. The taste is…Honeydew? It has the color and striping of an Ogen melon, the light taste of a honeydew, and the crisp of a cucumber…pear. I sliced them up in spears, like a cucumber, got them cold. Amazing! Their growing needs are most similar to a cucumber. Hang them, or trellis them, keep the soil moist, and use enough cow. This year, I’l starting mine inside, will set them into milk crates with a trellis, but plan to try one plant in a topsy turvy.

  2. Thank you!!!
    OMG, I was looking at the weather map today, and you’re already getting whacked by the heat down there! You’re getting into the gardening? Cool! Here’s a goodie to try…go to Park Seeds online (link in my blog roll) and order a packet of Gold Bar Hybrid melon seeds. It’s a cucumber/melon hybrid, and a real heat buster. A good size hanging planter, good sun, and rich soil is all you need. I add a little cow to the potting soil when I plant. Crisp, light…awesome hot weather fruit!

  3. its foreign to me since it is already getting warm in Florida, but I’m in awe the way you take care of your “babies”. I have been trying my hand at gardening too!!!! hugs!!!

  4. Thank you! I’ve only just started, with the “cool weather” crops, and the tomatoes, squash, melons, peppers, etc are yet to come. By June, it will look like a small jungle out here!

  5. I read this in bed last night. It so lovely, i love growing things and seeing the end product. Hope they all stay warm and grow big and healthy. x

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