Chauncey and Nell’s Most Excellent Adventure


What an entertaining couple of days!

Reggie is faring well from his clip-and-send, and also from his transplant, and even got a dose of new soil!  I call it deluxe retirement property.  I was told that the clippings arrived crisp and delicious in Minnesota.  

He needed more soil.  He was all roots in that pot, as the pot was only ever planted half full.  (I did not plant Reggie…I adopted him.)   So, out he went, into a fresh pot, more soil, plenty of room for his roots to run.  He’s feeling a little tweaked, looks a little droopy, but he’s snapping back well.  I’ll find that brand new box of Miracle Grow for tomatoes and give him a boost.

The garlic sprouts all seem to be doing well, sitting there happily humming away in their big container.  The bottom leaves look like they’re starting to die off on time.  I say, “seem” and “look to be” because I really don’t know what the heck I’m doing, this is a science experiment born of an absolute need to grow something.  The foliage is growing, so I guess they’re all happy.

I wonder of they have Miracle Grow for garlic.  Ha!  I just heard Mike groan all the way from Italy.

Hey, I know it’s junk, and I’m taking positive, albeit tentative steps, away from it this year with the sheep poop,  but I just can not argue the results.  I’ll be asking Mike about vitamins and fish emulsion, too.

Poor Reggie.  I dislodged him, a trauma, even though it was a necessary one, and then I introduced him to…Chauncey’s sister.

Yuuuuup!  Chauncey, my resident “peen-koo-sheen,”  has a baby sister!  She’s purple and tiny, (the result of using a finer worsted weight yarn and a smaller hook,) and sports a bow in her hair and embroidered eyes.  No little black buttons for her, as she’s slated for the good life with my little grand-niece, Sophia.  She’s going to live with Doodles!

Chauncey was beside himself with overly abundant joy.  He’s sad that his new little sister has to go, but…they get it.  Even the little ones get it.  Chauncey’s sister is a toy, whose fundamental reason for being is to bring joy to a child.

So, Chauncey is cool.  He has his little purple sister for a while, to play with, and a promise that I will bring him with us when she goes, so he can visit, meet Sophia and Doodles, and say, “See you later!”

It’s never “Good bye.”

Chauncey, having been thoroughly impressed (and who isn’t) with Reggie, insisted that we go right to the porch so he could introduce his new little sister around to the plants.  He even gave her a pin to wear!

If a parsley could visibly shudder….

“Reg-gieeeeeee!”  Chauncey practically screamed, in his three-year-old’s voice that only I can hear.  “Reggie, look!  Wendy made me a sister!  She’s an Amy-Goo-Roooooomie!  That’s a toy!”

“Hey, Yarn Dude!”  Reggie obliged.  “Excited as usual, I see.  What’s all this about a sister?”

And then to me, in a slightly accusing tone,  “You made another one.”

“Yuuuup,”  I quipped.  “I made another one.  This little gal is going to live with Sophia and Doodles.”

“Well, bring her on over, let her sit in my dreads.  She’s a quiet one, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she seems to be a little shy.  Maybe she’s just a little overwhelmed.”

“She has a bow in her hair and FEEEEETS!”  Chauncey hollered.

“Whatever could she be overwhelmed by?”  Reggie drawled.  “Does she have a name yet?”

“No, not yet.  I was wondering…”

“Can we sit in the garlic so they can name my sister like they did me?”  Chauncey asked.

“Suuuuure,  little dude,”  Reggie smoothed out.  “You go see about that.”

“If they won’t talk to me, will you give my sister a name?”

If a parsley could visibly droop…

“Yeah. Buddy.  You bring her right over to Ol’ Reggie, and we’ll make sure she’s got a name.”

What a plant!  Yup, definitely going to seek out that Red Bull for plants.

Off to the garlic pot they went, where they both started humming along with the bulbs.  Chauncey, as usual, boldly and immediately, and the little one, more slowly, following her brother.


Well, that about floored me.  That was her first word!

“Nell, is it?”  I asked.  “Are you happy with that?”

“Nell!  My name is Nell!”

“Welcome to the world, Nell.”

Onward they went, for their most excellent adventure.

They played Parsley commando with Reggie,

And played hide and seek with the Goo-Gaws.

Nell borrowed some more decorations from her big brother!

They marveled over Reggie’s new soil,

And tried to spy on the garlic to see what goes on under there…

They even got to play with the cat!  Brenda, who had already been introduced to Chauncey, tickled him with her face.  She thinks we see it as kitty love, but I know better.  She wanted a face scratch.  I let Chauncey run with it, though.


Reggie told the story of how he used to be an Outside plant, and before I knew it, the little toys were bouncing on their big feets, chanting, “Outsideoutsideoutside!”

Thank you, Reggie.

A deep, smooth chuckle was my response.

They went to the Outside porch, where all the planting in the containers happens.

They sat in the spinach containers.  Nell asked about a billion questions about the “Speen-yach,” and marveled at the little green seedlings, babies, just like her!

They sat in the sun on the roof of the garage, where the “speen-yach” grows,

and went all the way to the back yard, where there were even more awesome oddities awaiting them.  They took turns meditating on a gazing ball,

And sat together on another, contemplating the universe.

They got to hang out with Bruce, a very friendly and elegant moss-growing frog,

And even got to help my neighbor with his car!

It was a wonderful, busy day, that ended with Chauncey trying his er…feets…at…Oh, seriously, Chauncey…bungee jumping?  Seriously?

Seriously.  Jump, he did, hollering all the way down, “BUNGEEEEEE!”

Again, I heard a deep, smooth green chuckle emanating from Inside.

Saturday, it was time for Nell to go, to live with Sophia and Doodles.  Road trip!  Nell, no longer shy, and her brother, bold as ever, sat in their seat and chattered all the way with Woody Woodpecker,  who sort of fell into being my car buddy.  Chauncey left his needles and pins at home.

Nell, suddenly uncertain, asked, “Will she love me?”

I quickly put another bandage on my heart and said, “Sweetheart, Sophia is going to be crazy about you.”

And…she is!

When we got to my niece’s house, Doodles was waiting, to welcome Chauncey and Nell, and Sophia, smiling all the way, grabbed her now toy with both hands.  Nell went to all of the members of her new family…Sophia, her mom and dad, and her grandma and grandpa, too.  They all love her to bits!  She even got licks and kisses from the two Chihuahua dogs.

Finally, it was time to go home, and sneak Chauncey out of the house.  With a promise that we would all meet again, Chauncey and I headed home.  He got to ride on the dashboard with Woody on the way back, so he wouldn’t be so lonely.

Knowing, in the way that old parsley plants do, that Chauncey would be a little sad when he got home, Reggie wrapped him into a warm green hug.


Cuddling into Reggie’s soft foliage, he asked, “Do you think I can have a brother or sister that can stay with me?”

Reggie answered for me, “Little Dude,  I’ll bet she’ll even let you pick out the colors.”


2 responses »

  1. Reggie is the best. He’ll be going to seed this season, and I’ll be collecting some to make more Reggies.
    Chauncey is definitely getting a sib…as soon as he settles on a color and stops hopping from skein to skein hollering, “This one! This one!”
    And that, of course, will be another story…

  2. I love it! What a good guy that Reggie is! I hope Chauncey gets a new sibling soon!

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