Chauncey Feets and Reggie’s Road Trip


This is the newest addition to my crochet family, “Chauncey Feets.”  


Chauncey came about in order to address my need of a new pin cushion for all of the yarn needles I have, and for my love of making toys.  A plain old pin cushion doesn’t have a personality, but toys do.  Chauncey definitely has a personality. 

Reggie did not give him this name.  As a matter of fact, I think he scared Reggie a little, as evidenced by the question,  “What…have you done?”  when I brought the new little amigurumi guy, chattering all the way,  out onto the porch to meet the plants.  

 Chauncey, you see, is not the mellow, sweet-tempered hippie toy that Scribbles and Doodles were  born to be.  Chauncey came off the hook a full-blown, precocious three-year-old, peppering me and my beloved parsley plant with question after question, and making demands.

 The first thing out of him, when I looked into his bold little black button eyes and told him how adorable he is was, “I need feets.”  


Hence the surname, Feets.

He’s bold.  He’s er…active.  He knows who he is and proudly declares, “I’m a peen-koo-sheen!”  He doesn’t mind having pins stuck in his head.  He thinks they make him look cool.  

 It was, believe it or not, the garlic plants that gave him his name.  He sat in their pot with them, humming along, and when I asked Reggie if he wanted a new life student, he declined, saying,  “No, no…I only do seedlings.  Better give that guy to the garlic.  I think he understands them.”

 I looked at Chauncey sitting in the garlic planter.  “Do you understand those guys?”  I asked.



He answered, “Hummmm-mum-mummmmmm…Chauncey!”


“Yup!  The garlics say my name is Chauncey!”

“Well, Okay!”  I said.    Jeez, he understands the garlic.

“Are you happy with than name?”

“Yuuuup!  I’m Chauncey and I’m  a peen-koo-sheen!”

“With all of the noise you made earlier,”  I added,  “I would like to give you a last name.  I would like to call you, Chauncey Feets.”

“Yup!  I have feets!  They keep me from tipping over!”

Everything is an exclamation with this little guy.

“You’re okay with the name?”

“Yuuuup!  Can I go see the cat again?”

“Sure, you can go see the cat again.”

“Can I sit with Reggie now?”

“Reggie?”  I asked, thinking I was seeing the poor old parsley trying to climb out of his planter.

“Sure,”  he said, always genteel.  “Come on in here and…relax.”

“Yes,”  I said,  “If you hide, really quiet, we’ll have to look for you!” 



I can’t say that Chauncey relaxed, but he did seem to have a good time hiding out in Reggie’s foliage, playing Jungle Amigurumi.



Later, after he had thoroughly exhausted the poor, gentle parsley, he went to play with Brenda, the cat.  She’s another gentle creature (when she isn’t chasing imaginary mice) and was relatively unimpressed.   Thankfully, she didn’t take him for a mouse, and try to eat him.



Chauncey sits on my desk now, holding all of my yarn darning needles in his head, looking like a crocheted punk rocker.  

He’s happy!  He chatters a lot, likes to go visit the garlic, the parsley and the cat.  I promise to post the pattern later.

As for Reggie…he had himself a road trip!  Yes, believe it..he, or rather, clippings from his dreads, are winging their way to St. Paul, Minnesota as I type.  

A very nice woman from an art  forum saw his picture, and thought, “Oh, he looks delicious!”


 She wrote to me asking me where I live, in the hope that she could come over and take some seeds.  Well, he isn’t ready to go to seed just yet, I believe that will happen later this season.  But, why not take some cuttings, send this nice lady some fresh, yummy parsley!  

I grabbed a pruner, and clipped…and clipped…and clipped some more.  I clipped off a substantial bouquet, packed into a wet paper towel and into a gallon-sized zip bag, then into a box, and shipped it to Minnesota.  The plant?  I can barely see where I clipped the greenery off.  That’s just how thick and lush this guy is.  



Reggie’s all excited about having his dreads go to new and exciting places, and we’re waiting to hear from my friend as to how well his dreads shipped.

I have faith.  This is a great plant.  I know his dreads will ship well and remain fresh.

I’ll keep you posted….

Next up, I’ll clean up and post the pattern for chauncey Feets, so you can have your own punk rock “peen-koo-sheen!”




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