If You Plant….”IT” Will Come


I hit pay dirt at Home Depot the other day.  Literally!  I wandered in on the way home to see if their garden center is waking up yet, wanted to see if they had a big bag of potting soil left over.  What I found was “Pro Mix” planting mix for vegetables and herbs, marked  half off.  I read the bag, liked what I was reading, and bought three bags, at about a third off what I usually spend for regular potting soil.  

 It’s pretty nice stuff!  It’s organic, peat based, and a lot lighter than regular potting soil.  It’s compressed, so the bags were a lot smaller, and easier to handle.  Breaking off chunks of it to rub between my hands into workable “soil,”  it feels nice in the hand, smells good.  I like it.  I’m going back later for more.

Hopefully, it won’t kill my veggies.

I assembled my wares…small spade, cultivating thing, my new soil, huge mixing bowl (I use this bowl for EVERYTHING) and my caffeine source, a mug of Pepsi. I planted three milk crates.




I lined the crates with cut-to-fit recycle shopping bags, as I do not have, nor could I find, small rolls of landscape fabric.  I’m not worried, I grew all of my hot peppers in those bags last year, and they work like a charm.  I clipped some drain holes into the bags.  

Now I have three crates planted…one row each of radishes and sugar snap peas.  Last night, it started to rain, so I ran out there and moved them from the porch to the front stairs, to let them catch the rain.

And then, in the middle of the night, Winter showed up.


  You see?   If you plant, “IT” will come!  I’m not concerned.  Temperatures are already above freezing, snow/mix was about two inches…and the new plantings all needed water, anyway.  

 Meantime, back on the porch, my buddy, Reggie, having enjoyed his Miracle Grow fix yesterday, still happily  on the chlorophyll rush, happily stood for his close up.  


What a plant!



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