Let’s Get That Garden Started!


What a glorious day!  I swear, it can snow now, and I won’t care a whit.  I started my garden today.  Yep!  Mid February, in Connecticut, and there I was, out in that sunshine, planting spinach in containers.  Fabulous!

I’ve been sick.  I caught a cold, it got worse, I let it go, waited too long….and long story short, I’m only just now starting to feel human, after a month, and two runs of antibiotics.  I’ll tell you, getting out there today, getting some soil worked, getting some spinach planted, went a long way.  I feel so much better right now than I did when I got up this morning! Then again, this morning I woke up to a nose full of skunk.  

This is an experiment, of sorts.  It really is awfully early.  But Mike is telling me to go for it, and what do I have to lose, really?  If it’s too cold to germinate spinach, I’ll try again in a couple of weeks, out less than half a package of seeds.  Even if this experiment doesn’t fly, the mental and physical improvement I’m experiencing right now just for having done this is worth every effort.

And if it grows…..Whoopeeeee!  Fresh garden spinach on the table in MARCH!

I started a little late, after it warmed up out there a bit, grabbed my boxes, still with last season’s soil in them.  I took my little hand rake and raked the stuff off the top…leaves, those twirly-gig tree seeds, and other assorted yarg, then worked in some compost that I gathered from the oldest pile I have working along the dirt road.  Mmmmm, black, rich, ready compost.  Nice.  


I had a half a bag of Scott’s humus and manure left over, worked that in, too, and grabbed…a crochet hook.


 Hey, I needed something to make a row with, and these are small boxes.  My eye fell on the crochet hook, and stayed right there.  It worked swimmingly.



I got all my boxes set up in their special spot, where they will get optimum heat and light, especially at this time of the year, and planted my first crop of the season.   



Darling Guru…note the plant markers.  

I confess, I planted better than 30 buckets, planters, boxes, of tomatoes last year,  two plants each, and didn’t even mark half of them.  I had no clue of what was growing, where.  I did the same thing with the peppers, but I only had half a dozen varieties of those.  I had bunches of different tomatoes growing.  Mike, being the incredible teacher that he is, warned me last year that he would nag me mercilessly about properly labeling my plants.  Hehehe…he’ll need to.  I labeled this bunch, but tomorrow is another day.   

Darling Michael, forgive me, and hang in there.  You know I’m a flake! 


I’ve only just begun.  I have two raised beds out there that will get planted, and plan to make a raised bed for the peas.  A little research will tell me if it’s too early to start scallion seed.  I’m pretty sure it’s too early for cauliflower, but that’s coming soon.


I’ll keep you posted….

 In the meantime, I’m not the only one ready for some sun and warmth.  The little crocus flowers and the daffodils next door are coming up!  I’ll grab a rake tomorrow and get the debris out of there so they can be happy.  

This bunch of Daffodils just keeps coming up, year after year, despite having a big block of cement in its way.  I don’t know what that little red thing is, but I know it’s going to be a plant marker when I’m done junk-napping it.


These little guys…Crocus?  Possibly Daffs….


More coming….


Is it safe to come out to play?


Yeah, tomorrow, I’ll grab a rake and get all that yarg out of their way.  


Have some FUN tonight!   



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